How to make a cheap dollar store coin purse/wallet into a customized Dr. Who loving piece of fan gear.  Basic sewing/beading skills required, but a beginner should have a pretty easy time of it.

Step 1: Materials

Any pleather/fake leather wallet and or coin purse would work fine for this project. I used black for the outer space look, but there’s no reason other colors wouldn’t do, and may give you a chance to work up some different environments. The Tardis lands everywhere after all J

Besides the wallet you will need:


Thread: Black and sturdy

Clear nail polish, or clear drying glue

Beading needle/ regular needle depending on the size of your beads

Beads (The most uniform you have, idealy a bit higher grade than generic seed beads to make a tighter fit), for the Tardis size and form I used you will need:

White mat or off white:  6

Dark Mat Blue or grey: 210

Silver/bright metallic: 68

Bluest Tardis Blue: 248

Black: 160, or more if you’d like more background

This is bare minimum, not counting insensible losses to vacume cleaners, gravity, Daleks, and Vashta Narada

Plus: Larger and varied beads for your background/ skyscape. I used a mix of dark blues, blacks, greys, silver, and a few crystal beads. You’ll want two sets, large and small, preferably with different colors that compliment each other.


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