My Tardis dress with a hat. You can see more details on my blog: http://elfka.pl/?p=6074

Step 1: Inspiration

For Doctor Who fans there is nothing really to explain, but for all the other I will shortly explain what the Tardis is and why the hell would somebody like to dress up as a blue box.

The thing is Tardis is not a box. She is a time machine or rather time travelling creature. Her name means Time And Relative Dimension In Space. She travels with the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords. They travel through time and space, they've been every-where and every-time, they explore and help, they're both very old, but still amazed by the universe. Neil Gaiman called her Doctor's wife. Tardis used to have a feature, that allowed her to adapt her external appearance to the world she landed in, but it broke and she is stuck in the form of English blue police box from the 50s. But Doctor likes it.

"Doctor Who" is the world's longest science-fiction tv show. And it's still in production. Check out the details on wikipedia and start watching now!

I love the show and I really wanted to make a costume connected wit it. I don't like playing the bad characters, Doctor's companion are not distinctive enough, Doctor himself is, hmm, male. But the Tardis is perfect. I wanted to model as many details as possible but also look nice and feminine. So I made a dress.
<p>With more than lots of help from a much-more-competent-than-I seamstress friend, we made the dress for the 50th Anniversary celebration, and it was a hit, thank you! Now off to the Doctor Who Festival in 6 weeks, you've inspired me to make the hat too :)</p>
Awesome! I'm happy my tutorial inspired you, have fun on festival!
<p>I'm in love with all things TARDIS-esque and this is on my list of loves </p>
I'm happy you like it.
What color is the fabric? My wife is making one and we are trying to find the right color. We only have a Jo ann Fabric.
<p>Awesome! Great job! :)</p>
<p>You can copy the police box information plate and print it on fabric treated to accept ink jet inks (many online sources, also JoAnn Fabric stores and other big fabric and craft chains). I use that for most of my insignia costume pieces; saves a lot of time and error with lumpy fabric paints. This link has a technique I have not tried, but might work: http://www.brighthub.com/multimedia/photography/articles/34828.aspx</p>
<p>!!!!! totally making this.</p>
<p>awesome job, by the way. it looks great</p>
LOVE the light-up hat!
that is fantastic! (also, what is the base dress pattern you used? i really like the style of it, and looks fabulous on you ;)
d'oh. apparently i missed it when I read it the first time. i see it now. whoops... <br> <br>Also... the light-up hat is super awesome. !!
Glad you found it and I'm glad you like it :) Actually it can be almost any plain pattern with sleeves :)
Amazing dress! :)
Haha nicely done
That is awesome, I love the hat!
This is awesome! And thanks for the background on Dr. Who. I've been wondering what this police box is all about.
This is awesome! And thanks for the background on Dr. Who. I've been wondering what this police box is all about.
Love this!
Love it!!!!
This is awesome! Made even more adorable with the hat! And even more awesome because the hat lights up :D

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