I like to get out and do a little Target Archery now and again, it's something I really enjoy and I only wish I could do it more often. The bow I use most is an Internature Td-Hunter, 58" at 50LB (the bow in the photo I found on the net). I had recently been a spectator at an archery tournament and I had realized every archer had a stabilizer attached to their bow. I started to think I might be able to benefit from one and I started looking on line for target stabilizers, unfortunately they were all more than I wanted to pay for the amount of time I spend at the range ($45-$230). so I thought. How hard could it be to make one? It's easier than I thought. 

Step 1: Supplies

After checking out some of the stabilizers on line and in shops I broke it down to the four parts below.
Mounting hex bolt to connect to the bow
Method of mounting the weight to the shaft (unless the weight is permanently attached)

For the shaft I was going to use a .5 inch aluminum tube but then found this cool driver instead.
The thread for the stabilizer on my bow (and I think it's standard for all) is 5/16 x 24 
For the weight I found an old handlebar weight of off a 2000 Honda super hawk. 

Cool! I Like archery Too !! <br>
if your allowed i think if you like archery you would really like the hunger games [make shore you have permishen because its a bit violent]
Inventive solution! It would be neat to see your performance results before and after the modification.

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