Tarp Frame for End-of-Season Cleanup




Introduction: Tarp Frame for End-of-Season Cleanup

I built this tarp frame to prevent weeds from growing when the produce is done producing.  Although it would be easy to lay a length of tarp on the ground and lay stones and other heavy objects on top, I thought there should be a more attractive way to do it.  I do counted cross stitch and use a similar type of frame to keep my work taut; I thought the same concept could be used for the tarp.

The tarp was laid on the ground, and long piecees of 2x2 were placed on top.  The tarp was rolled onto itself a couple of times until it was secure. The end rails were screwed on the side pieces, and the frame was staked to the ground and secured with twine.  I cut a notch in the stakes to prevent the twine from slipping off the top.

Since my garden is 16' long, I used a hinge and two 2x2x8s to span the length and so I could fold it in half and store it during the Summer months.  I also made a shorter length as the garden beside it is still producing tomatoes.

The frames can easily be cut to any length and width to cover the spent portions of your garden when the season is nearing completion.  You could even pile leaves under the frame to add more compost for the Spring planting.



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