Picture of Tarp Hammock
Everybody likes to rest on a hammock and enjoy the moment - so I decided to make one for my room! This hammock is somewhat rudimentary, I used only two clamps, paracord, and tarp.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
-50~70cm of 550 paracord
-Two c-clamps. Any size will work.
-1.5×3m of tarp. Adjust accordingly to your height.

Looks great - I wonder if nylon webbing might be a good choice to hang the hammock. In fact, with a ratcheting tiedown strap for one end, you could adjust how saggy / taut the hammock is...

This works and I love it :-)
dchall82 years ago
There is a problem with using paracord for this project. It's made from nylon which stretches (and stretches and stretches). If you use a polyester (Dacron) rope, it will not stretch.
xeroman2 years ago
Thanks! Now I have a bed in the "dog house" (garage) for the next time I tick ths chief (wife) off.
veeery useful! :-)
I like the animated knots site, thanks!