Tarp Parashute





Introduction: Tarp Parashute

This is a simple sail/power kite/parashute. It works in wind and it is great fun once you get the hang of it.it has great pull and can lift you from the ground if you run from a hill.

Step 1: Making It

It takes 10mins to make the tarp parachute. Materials:two 8ft by6ft tarps,zip ties,string/twine. First step is to line the tarps together to make the tarps 16ft long.combine them both in the center with zipties (make sure the tarp has those metal holes).step 2 as sting on the top and bottom of each side of the tarps.then tie a knot with each ends of each tarp then you're done.

Step 2: Flying

You need wind to fly it.go against the wind. Want to maybe fly run and jump off a hill.



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    Interesting, can you post some video?

    Let us know when you get out of the hospital...

    Vincent this thing is dangerous so warning everyone it would hurt on a landing

    I would never leave the ground with this thing. I know how badly those tarps are made. Get a real parachute.

    Perhaps this would be interesting if it had more details.

    Gale f I will put it on YouTube my YouTube name is minecraftcutfilms

    Perhaps a video of this working?

    Watch that you don't get carried away too high in a strong wind. This thing will make you lift up, but it will not help touching ground gently : if you get too high (i.e. 5 or 10 meters;) you may well hurt you bad and break a limb or something to that effect …

    Zombtech yeah this kite parashute has a lot of pull so if you have a skateboard and wind it will work great