This is real easy and applicable to not only the tassels I am making for my hats but also for making bows to top wrapped presents.

  • shoebox
  • yarn (in this case but also ribbon if you wish)
  • card with gaping hole cut out from the middle (old credit card works great)
  • scissors (cutting yarn only)]
  • Easier to have yarn come from middle of the skein instead from the outside. No mess or the skein rolling all over the place as you pull more yarn from it.

Step 1: Tassel Ends

Image #1
  • Place skein in shoebox and have the end come from a hole located on the side of the box. (mine conveniently already had one ^_^ )  So, as you are working with the yarn, it won't matter if the skein is rolling around or not because it is secured within the box the whole time.
Image #2 - 4
  • I need to have braid yarn ends coming from the tassel poof. I used the shoe box to wrap the yarn around multiple times and cut in one area to get multiple yarn strands. Used cereal box in the past. Really just depends on how much or little you need.

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