Introduction: Tassels

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Tassels! They make everything better. I love them.

And they're easy to make! A nice project for when it's to hot outside to do anything complicated or intense.

All you need is yarn, scissors and a book. I also recommend a cool drink and sunscreen.

Step 1: Orange Ghost

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Wrap the yarn around the short end of your book twenty times.

This will be the body of the tassel.

Wrap your yarn around the book one more time and cut it of. Fold this strand double and tie it around the top end of your tassel. Now you can safely cut the lower end (A hardcover book will make this a a lot easier!)

TATA, you've created an orange ghost.

Step 2: Scoubidou

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But it doesn't stop there!

Now we divide the ghost in four even strands. Then we proceed to scoubidou.

Immensly popular several years ago. If you somehow missed how to do it, please follow along:

Fold one strand over the strand next to it. Left or right doesn't matter.

Now take the strand you just folded over and fold it over the both the strand you just folded it over and the strand next to that. (The pictures are probably a lot more clearifying than this explanation..)

Repeat this step.

Fold the last strand over the strand you just folded and through the loop you created when you begun.

Now pull all the strands evenly.

Repeat this 3 or four times.

Step 3: Wrap It Up... Tasselmania!

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Almost finished!

Wrap one string of yarn along the long side of the book. Wrap it around the base of the scoubidoupart and tie it up. Cut the end of your tassel and voila!

Great on keychains, camels, costumes or, in this case, on the end of summery flags.

Have fun!


Samuel Foster (author)2016-04-20

Wonderful post! (We'll be using the new skill to make sageo for jute.) Thank you!

Tigermouse (author)Samuel Foster2016-04-21

You're welcome Samuel!

"Jutte" (thanks 'spellcheck.)

青晕子 (author)2014-07-26


jonsonhenli (author)青晕子2014-07-30

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KookyKreations (author)2014-07-27

Nice - I love tassels and will definitely be making these. Nice clear instructions with a great result.

Glad to hear it!

These are great! You should enter this contest!

Thanks for the tip! ...Done.

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