Introduction: Tasty Cous-Cous Supper....

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I don't have a wad of cash, so have to live real cheap. My home has 1 kettle, 1 Microwave 1 Toaster and 1 Slow Cooker. I did have a camping gas stove but it broke, so i binned it. so..using these things I make a variety of cheap tasty and on the most part, nutritious meals.

Just thought I would share some of the things I cook, may give you some ideas.


half a tomato

half a carrot

1/3 of a zucchini

some Garlic ( how much, is up to you, but i love that stuff so i use loads)

1 Mushroom

1 Kabanos or any smoked sausage

1 small onion

1 125ml yoghourt container of dried cous cous

salt n pepper

a splash of olive oil, or knob of butter

Step 1: Chop N Dice Baby!

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chop it all real small..this is important!

Then toss together add a splash of oil and Microwave on high for 2 mins

remove from microwave, stir, and give it 2 more minutes

Step 2:

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add the couscous to a bowl and cover with water that is boiling....they put the other bowl on top or cover with a clean tea towel or plate.

wait 5 minutes, no less! after that the cous cous will be perfect, fluff it up and add it into the veggies and give it a stir.....add salt n pepper and a splash of oil if you want.

Step 3: Plate Up, Get Stuck In!

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as the title says!

good to the last mouthful!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-14

Mmmmm tasty and very filling I bet! Thanks for sharing!

Very tasty! I love Cous Cous its dirt cheap and filling, and versatile too.

I love your Hair! awesome!

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