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I like cooking, bad sometimes i don't have enough time.

Today i cook meat in oven bag.

Step 1: Prepare Meat

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I have chicken thighs bonless ( you can take any type of meat).

Cut the meat the way you like.

Next is onion. How much to take onions to your taste.

I take 1 pice, cut onion not very finely.

Put meat and onion in the oven bag.

Add sold, pepper, garlic and spices to taste.

I add mayonaise ( you can not add ), with mayonaise we will get gently, not dry meat.

Mix it.

Step 2: The Final

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Put bag in refrigerator on 30 minits and more.

Turn on the oven. ( 350 F).

We get meat and mix agin, close the bag.

Put bag on the pan and plase pan in the oven.

Weit about 1,5 hour.

Open oven and get it.

Let's cool down a bit.

Boon appetite!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-05-14

Nice tutorial. I am going to have to try this the next time that I am cooking dinner.

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