Tasty, Easy, Cheap and Simple Dog-treats.




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Introduction: Tasty, Easy, Cheap and Simple Dog-treats.

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I know a group of dogs of the same litter. A couple of weeks ago it was their birthdays, and I thought about exactly this. The kids thought about disgusting dog-food "cakes"...
These little-biccies went down well with all dogs offered (but then so did the stinky cakes...)

Step 1: Ingredients

These are simple, you don't need much:

Liver (I bought 99p worth of ox-liver)
Flour (plain)
Oil (I used redundant olive-oil from a jar of anchovies)

Step 2: Make Biscuit-dough

Turn your oven on at a temperature around 150oC / 300oF now.

Chop the liver into small pieces. 200g / 7oz, this helps to deal with "stringy" bits.
Blend with the oil. 25g / 1oz, and by "blend" I mean to use power-driven metal blades, to liquidse the lumps.
Add 2tsps of baking powder to 150g / 51/4oz plain flour.
Mix the flour & baking powder into the homogenised liver and oil, until you have a thick and sticky pink dough.
Turn the dough onto a floured-surface and roll / stretch into a sheet.
Cut into strips.
*Note this will be soft, and sticky - use plenty of flour.

This is a small prep', if I'd used all the liver:
liver 520g / ~18.5oz
flour 390g / ~14oz
oil 70ml / ~21/2floz
baking powder 5tsp

Step 3: Bake Biscuits

Place the dough pieces on a baking-tray, lined with grease-proof paper (it can be sticky).
For long-life, biscuits need to be dried-out, cook slowly and gently.
I used 60 min at 150oC / 300oF turning once after 30 min, and then I turned the oven off leaving the biscuits in the oven with the door ajar as it cooled.

They turn out light and crunchy, tasting and smelling like cooked-liver.




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    this is dead simple, although not sure I could manage being so close to liver, let along smell it baking. Although I'm sure my pug would be delighted

    this is dead simple, although not sure I could manage being so close to liver, let along smell it baking. Although I'm sure my pug would be delighted

    HA! I've Never though of making treats for my dog! I might try them, it seems it would cost around £2, Do you know how long they would last? I supose the dogs won't mind if they go hard?


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    As biscuits, if well dried they'll last a long time (in a container).Dogs don't mind dry & crunchy at all.
    I got two trays out of what I used, you'd have a large bag for less than £2 of materials.


    Nice!, That certinaly Is much cheaper than store bought dog treats! I might have a try at this!

    ... If the occupants in my house agree.


    Homogenising  the liver is horrible, but the rest is just fine.


    Made it today.. I agree the liver is horrible! But my dog likes them. I have a picture of the biscuits below..

    ... I Wish I could go to the meet up In alfreton, It would of been great to see someone make your instructable and show you.

    Thanks for the instructable!



    Yea dogs do like them.

    You're a bit far from Derbys' - I reckon 2 hrs each way, and I need to be back early to see Ska Wars.


    Yep, I was in derby-shire two weeks ago as well! I had a DJ gig for my cousin..
    I wonder if they are going to do a meet up 'down south'?


    You could get one organised?


    hmmmm.. Yeah that would be quite good! I'll speak to gmjhowe and see what he says.

    There is a local hall here with all the needed facilities.
    I could purchase some kits from Rapid, I could bring food as well.

    My age should not affect the meet up? I am 14, but its about seeing other authors and having fun, sharing knowledge, right? I'd be quite committed to organizing the meet up and I have no intention of 'messing about'.

    Sounds like a good idea though!



    Yeah! Well ive bought the liver, 75p in sainsburys, a little less than the co-op. Ive got the rest so when I get some time Ill start making!


    The dogs like 'em, and if I liked liver and had added more flavour I might too.


    Nah, it's food either way.


    I always get slightly cautious when somebody describes foodstuffs meant for animal consumption as "tasty"...

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    Well, you have to try them...



    No, I don;'t.

    Really, no, I don't.