Tasty Homebrew Lower-sugar Lime Soda (Limeade)





Introduction: Tasty Homebrew Lower-sugar Lime Soda (Limeade)

I really like lemonade and limeade, but I find most of what one can buy to be far too sweet, and far too diluted. Put simply, most store-bought drinks just don't have enough citric acid.

So into the laboratory (kitchen) I went, to mix up a batch of the perfect lime beverage. After years of research, I present to you, the internet public, Jeff's Limeade: a refreshing, lightly sweet, carbonated beverage with bite.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Making good JL (Short for Jeff's Limeade, of course) is a simple process. Start with lime juice (Fresh squeezed is best, bottled a decent alternative. Do not under any circumstances use fake stuff, such as anything labeled "mix."), cold carbonated water, sugar (Superfine will dissolve better in cold liquids), and some sort of beverage holding container.

Step 2: Pour the Lime Juice

I could tell you to add a quarter cup, but the truth is everyone has their own taste. I usually fill a glass about a quarter of the way up with lime juice.

Step 3: Add Sugar

Note that this step takes place *before* the adding of water. Why? Because if you add superfine sugar to carbonated water, a mini mentos and diet coke reaction takes place, as the sugar provides a nucleation site, allowing the gas to bubble out of the liquid rapidly and causing a mess.

As to how much sugar you should add, personal taste again. I usually go with about two-three teaspoons.

Step 4: Add Water, Stir, and Enjoy

Add the water of your choice, and stir. Top with ice if you have it, and enjoy!

*NB: Lemon juice can be used instead of lime juice. I just like lime more.



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    i just got a water carbinator and made the soda...IT WAS AWSOME!!!

    Looks very refreshing with a little bit of a "pucker"! I'm a "sweetart" myself so I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks!

    Make it with pomegranate juice, so you can call it Pom-ade. LOL!

    But seriously, this is awesome!

    some intigent I may not able to buy in my location What a shame! Nice tutorial

    does your lime juice say Not from connecticut

    I'm sure it's "not from concentrate." ;)

     wow lol i guess thatt makes sense

    Rated: "Outstanding" Because it's true. I now have a craving for Sprite though :P

    Awesome instructable, I am going right out to buy the stuff and try it!!

    This looks SO GOOD! I have trouble finding sodas etc, that are string enough, so I end up making a lot of really strong Kool-Aid. I am going to try this as soon as possible!