Picture of Tatted Barefoot Sandals
If you've mastered the tatted flower instructable and the Fluerette necklace, you have all the skills you need to make these barefoot sandals.

These sandals use the same pattern as The Queen's Feet Barefoot sandals available in my etsy shop.

You will need basic needle tatting experience easily learned in my other instructables including the double stitch(ds), picots(p), rings(r), chains(ch) and joining as well as Josephine chains and basic crochet.

This design uses size 10 crochet cotton,  a size 5 tatting needle and a size 7 or 8 crochet hook.

The laws of Copyright Protection permit this tutorial to be used for personal use only. Reselling for profit is prohibited.
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Step 1: The Center Clover

Picture of The Center Clover
Make two center rings, one for each sandal:

The pattern is 4 rings of 5ds, p, 3ds, 9p sep by 3ds, p, 5ds close join each ring together by the 1st and 11th picot.

To join the first and fourth rings together for the center motif, first I make the last ring up to the final join, then I pull those stitches off the needle being careful to not pull the thread all the way through. Then I use a crochet hook to make the join and work the last stitches. Pull those stitches through, finish and close the ring. See the photos for details.

Step 2: The Corner Motifs

Picture of The Corner Motifs
Next you will make six corner motifs, three for each sandal. These will be attached while tatting the body of the design and are used to add the crochet ties and the toe loop.

The pattern for each is:

R 6ds p, 3 ds 4 picots sep by 3ds, 3ds cl do not reverse
R 3ds join to last p of previous ring, 3ds 7 p sep by 3ds, 3ds cl do not reverse
R 3ds join to last p of previous ring, 3ds 3 p sep by 3ds, 3 ds p, 6ds close, tie and cut
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So I should go completely around the clover?
I'm doing something wrong, but what? Please help????
TotusMel (author)  CarolOsterhoudt5 days ago

You appear to be joining the ring to one of the small motifs not the center motif. See the step 4 photos to see where the join should be.

BR199618 days ago
bwall5 made it!8 months ago

My first attempt. :)

TotusMel (author)  bwall58 months ago

Lovely work, congrats!

Melviria11 months ago

finally got around to making these. I originally started shuttle tatting years ago self taught from one of my mother's books but now currently enjoying learning and using needle tatting. I absolutely love TotusMel's designs Thank you for the awesome patterns and tutorials!!<3

Wow! Totally adorable!
So very confused on the main body part. I can't tell from the pictures where to join the other parts. Ugh
'rogers1 year ago
Hi I was wanting to make these but as I'm new to needle tatting I was wanting to know how long a tail do I have to leave please.
TotusMel (author)  'rogers1 year ago
I'm afraid I never actually measure except with my arm and just go on instinct. Each section of these is going to need different lengths. This step maybe twice a hands length, but the main piece maybe twice forearm length. I know it's not precise.
Adding thread if you don't start with enough is easy though, just tie a knot after a ring and hide ends. re-thread your needle and run it through the tatting under the knot and you're ready to start again.
PitStoP1 year ago
That's beautiful!
bminer2 years ago
I specifically taught myself to tat to make these. I'm using black sparkly thread. Everyone needs sparkly feet!
Tyri2 years ago
I am trying really hard to understand how to do the 4 ring part. Is there a video tutorial for this portion?
In the first picture I see the 5ds then is that where you pick up thread thru the picot? and if so do you skip doing a picot at that point? I did a picot and keep getting large gaps there.
TotusMel (author)  Tyri2 years ago
Sorry, I do not have a video of this part. If you check out the comment I replied to right before yours I tried to answer the same question about joining the last picot to the first.
jeditrish2 years ago
I keep getting stuck at finishing off the 4-ring center clover. I can't seem to understand how you close the final ring. I seem to have fumbled my way to making it look like yours but I just couldn't fathom how you used a crochet hook to do the last 5 stitches. Maybe I just don't understand crochet, which I know to be true, I'm not understanding how those last 5 stitches end up on the needle to have the tail thread pulled through if you're using a crochet hook to make them.
TotusMel (author)  jeditrish2 years ago
You only use the crochet hook to pull the working thread through the joining picot and place it on the needle. Once the working thread is on the needle you work the last stitches on the needle, put the needle through the loop left from pulling through the first batch of stitches and finish pulling through the core thread and you should have a ring joined at both sides.

It is a little difficult to do and takes some practice to get, but I hope that helped a bit.
Oh good, then I did do it right :)
I'm very appreciative of you posting the pattern and instructions for these lovely sandals. I learned tatting just because I saw these and wanted them! lol Here is my first attempt at them .... =)
TotusMel (author)  splatterpunked3 years ago
Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
beckywlms3 years ago
how in the world do you get the pdf to download.
TotusMel (author)  beckywlms3 years ago
I believe the pdf option is a Pro only option...though I could be wrong.
TanjaQ3 years ago
Wow, can't wait to make these!
htonks3 years ago
Love this- but no idea what tatting is :D
smccarty3 years ago
PLEASE upload a tutorial on youtube??
TotusMel (author)  smccarty3 years ago
I thought about doing so, I'm afraid these ones take way too long to make a video of their entire creation.
mdeblasi14 years ago
What's that????
The sound of a thousand foot fetishists suddenly, simultaneously, becoming apoplectic.
Too true, too true. It helps that she has such beautiful, clean feet though. Makes this 'able alot more intriguing...
chaitanyak4 years ago
wow thats really beautiful!
i tried knitting and crochet a long time ago.. so i know this requires talent and patience :)

dragonbtv4 years ago
a woman with dexterous hands is more sexy
canida4 years ago
Those are gorgeous!
TotusMel (author) 4 years ago
Thanks so much for the compliments everyone! I hope you enjoy making these!
paiwayne4 years ago
Wau! So beautiful.
Wow, I had seen tatting done at county fairs by Amish women, but never thought to take up the craft until I saw this!
dzheleznyak4 years ago
SeXy feet.
retired2AZ4 years ago
Oh, you really mean tatted. I was afraid they were tattooed when I saw the title! Nice work.
maxm28204 years ago
Wow, you are beyond talented. I have to say that your stuff is probably the first time I have been able to point to something and say "I would love to give/receive that as a gift. there are only so many scarves and amigurumi people need after all! :) Thank you for helping me thing outside of the box!!! :) :)
glaisin4 years ago
Tres jolie! Nice LSTs(Long Second Toes), too!
CrystalEyez4 years ago
i love your work. Thanks to you I have been teaching myself how to needle tat and even bought some real tatting needles online and some pattern books.

One question I have though, is how do you come up with your patterns?
TotusMel (author)  CrystalEyez4 years ago
Many, but not all of my patterns are based on antique and vintage patterns and I change them to suit my needs. In fact the main motif for these came from a chair cover. You can find many old patterns at
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