Tatted Barefoot Sandals





Introduction: Tatted Barefoot Sandals

If you've mastered the tatted flower instructable and the Fluerette necklace, you have all the skills you need to make these barefoot sandals.

These sandals use the same pattern as The Queen's Feet Barefoot sandals available in my etsy shop.

You will need basic needle tatting experience easily learned in my other instructables including the double stitch(ds), picots(p), rings(r), chains(ch) and joining as well as Josephine chains and basic crochet.

This design uses size 10 crochet cotton,  a size 5 tatting needle and a size 7 or 8 crochet hook.

The laws of Copyright Protection permit this tutorial to be used for personal use only. Reselling for profit is prohibited.

Step 1: The Center Clover

Make two center rings, one for each sandal:

The pattern is 4 rings of 5ds, p, 3ds, 9p sep by 3ds, p, 5ds close join each ring together by the 1st and 11th picot.

To join the first and fourth rings together for the center motif, first I make the last ring up to the final join, then I pull those stitches off the needle being careful to not pull the thread all the way through. Then I use a crochet hook to make the join and work the last stitches. Pull those stitches through, finish and close the ring. See the photos for details.

Step 2: The Corner Motifs

Next you will make six corner motifs, three for each sandal. These will be attached while tatting the body of the design and are used to add the crochet ties and the toe loop.

The pattern for each is:

R 6ds p, 3 ds 4 picots sep by 3ds, 3ds cl do not reverse
R 3ds join to last p of previous ring, 3ds 7 p sep by 3ds, 3ds cl do not reverse
R 3ds join to last p of previous ring, 3ds 3 p sep by 3ds, 3 ds p, 6ds close, tie and cut

Step 3: The Toe Loop

Make two toe loops, each attached to a corner motif.

The pattern for each is:

Ring 3ds, 6 p sep by 3ds, 3ds close, joining to previous ring by center two picots, close rw
Josephine Ring of 160 stitches or as many as needed to make large enough loop, tie and cut.

See video for tips on Josephine knots.

Step 4: The Main Body

Make two main motifs attaching corner motifs as you work, see pictures for the attachment points for each corner motif before starting as they are not listed in the pattern.

The pattern for both is:

R 3ds p 3ds p 3ds join to the 3rd free picot before the join of the center ring, 8ds cl do not reverse, *R 8ds join to 3rd free picot of next center ring, 3ds p 3 ds p 3ds cl rw
Ch 6ds p 3ds p 3ds cl rw
R 3ds p 3ds join to 2nd p of last ring, 3ds join to next p of center ring, 3ds p 3ds p 3ds cl rw
Ch 3ds 6 p sep by 3 ds, 3 ds cl rw
R 3ds p 3ds p 3ds, skip next picot and join to the next picot of the center ring, 3ds p 3ds p 3ds cl rw
Ch 3ds p 3ds p 6ds cl rw
R 3ds p 3ds, skip one picot of last ring, join to next picot, 3ds join to next picot of center ring, 8ds cl do not reverse
Repeat from * around.

Step 5: The Straps

I crochet my straps after a tatted ring attached to the corner motifs ending in another tatted ring. If you prefer you may skip this step and instead simply tie a ribbon to each corner motif to tie on your sandals.

The instructions for crocheted straps are:

R 3ds 6 picots sep by 3ds, 3ds close joining to the corner ring at the center 2 picots, tie, do not cut, but hide the needle thread in the ring.
Begin crochet chain with the working thread of approx. 160 stitches at the close of the ring. Make chain shorter or longer for size or look. At the end of chain make R 3ds 6 p sep by 3ds, 3ds close, tie and cut.

Note that the final ring is worked by cutting the thread a couple of feet from the end and tatting with the tail at the end of the crochet. Then thread the needle and pull the thread through without putting your needle through the thread ring. It will pull into a ring by itself.



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I've just finished one sandal, so stoked as I'm a total beginner… I've just realised I still have another one to do, hopefully I'll get quicker, I've already been at it for two days haha.
Thanks so much for this gorgeous pattern, all of your projects are wonderful!!

2016 14:25.jpg

Good job and thanks so much!

Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me where to add in the other peices? Im having trouble even with pictures :/

i wish there were a youtube tutorial makes it soooooo much easier to follow and succeed in making its such a beautiful patter but im new to tatting and im not that good at foloowing written patterns

I've tried this one 1000000000 times....... still can't get it all right.

Beautiful design! It looks pretty involved. I think I'll stick to beaded barefoot sandals.

So I should go completely around the clover?

I'm doing something wrong, but what? Please help????


You appear to be joining the ring to one of the small motifs not the center motif. See the step 4 photos to see where the join should be.