Step 3: Second Level of the Chain

Take your second color (or the same color again) and get ready to do some weaving.

  1. Tat 20 pull off the needle, but doen't let it close.  You can slip something on the end so it doesn't close but you are going to be weaving this through your other chain so it can't be big if you are going to leave it on. (Picture 3)
  2. Take the end that you didn't let close and weave it through the first 10/10 ring from the first chain and then back through the second 10/10 ring on the first chain.  (Picture 4)
  3. Close your ring. (Picture 5)
  4. Knot and do not reverse work.  You want to work so that the eye side of the needle faces towards the chain and the point faces away.  (Picture 6)
  5. R 10/10 pull off needle, do not close. (Picture 7)
  6. Weave the end of your new ring back through the second ring (which the first white ring is through) and pull it back through the third ring. (Picture 8)
  7. Close and knot, don't reverse work. (Picture 9)
  8. Repeat 5-7 until you are one away from the last 10/10 ring of the first chain. (Picture 10)