Picture of Tatted Lace Corsage Bracelet
This is one of my classic designs, a perfect immortal flower corsage for mother's day, prom, weddings, whatever. Because of the connections between pieces I'd call this an intermediate design.
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
You will need:
-Size 10 cotton thread in two different colors, I used black and red
-Size 5 tatting needle or shuttle if you prefer
-small steel crochet hook for joins
-hook and eye

You will also need basic tatting knowledge that can be acquired with my other beginning instructables.

Step 2: The Flower

Picture of The Flower
-Start the Flower with a ring, the pattern is 2 double stitches(ds) 1 picot(p) 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds close and make a mock picot.

A mock picot is simply a picot made by double tying the ends of the thread to make a loop the same size as the other picots.

-The petals of the flower are all chains joined by putting the thread through the picots of the first ring in the first round and though a stitch for subsequent rounds.

1st round, chains(ch) of 6ds each repeating all around joining back in first picot
2nd round, ch 9ds, repeat around
3rd round, ch 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds 1p 3ds, repeat around

Tie, cut and hide ends.

Step 3: The Ends

Picture of The Ends
Both ends of the bracelet are made the same way with a hook joined to one end and an eye to the other. These will be joined to main body when it is tatted.

Make two, one with hook and one with eye.

ring(r) 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds close(cl) reverse work(rw)
chain(ch) 3ds join to hook 3ds join to other loop of hook 3ds close do not rw
r 2ds (join to last p of previous ring) 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds close(cl) reverse work(rw)
ch 4ds cl rw

Continue around until you have 5 rings joining the last picot of the last ring to the first picot of the first ring finishing with a 4ds chain joined to the base of the first ring.

Tie, cut and hide ends.
beth.vawter.37 months ago

What am I doing wrong? When doing the 4th flower on the end the picot for the last join always twists, the ring is on the inside, when I try and turn it over the picot twists. Can you help please.

jsadams039 months ago
You have brought a new love to my life. I wish I had the talent to come up with such beautiful patterns. I'm only good at following and making minor adjustments...
lhorvath11 year ago
Hey! Thanks for posting your pattern. I've got the flower down pat but having trouble starting the ends (I.e. hook and eyes....I've followed the instructions and I've gotten a mess...obviously I'm not doing it right.

Given that I am a beginner (1 week tatting today), is there any chance you can post a couple more pictures to this part....I don't know anyone who tatts here in Brisbane to ask or demonstrate for me.

Thank you so much for any assistance you may offer me.
TotusMel (author)  lhorvath11 year ago
I'm afraid I don't have any more photos that could help. This is definitely not a beginner project and adding hooks and eyes can be a bit fiddly even when you are experienced. So, I would suggest working the end piece without the hook and eye, working a chain of 9ds instead until you feel comfortable enough with the pattern to add the hooks.
guacamole422 years ago
Hello TotusMel,
Greatings from Portugal.
I just want to tell you how much I love your work. You make the most beautiful things. You are fantastic! Thank you so much for teaching me how to needle tat through your videos and sharing your work .You are an inspiration.
TotusMel (author)  guacamole422 years ago
Aw, thanks so much!
binnuro2 years ago
Hi totusmel,
You are the one who made me (who thinks she can never do laces) a tatting lover though I think I've got a little talent for it. For a few days I'm trying to replicate tattings you posted on youtube. And I figured out that I can better understand from a video tutorial. If you have this bracelet's video tutorial I'll be very glad. :).....

Thanks for "being a teacher" from thousands of miles a way from my home :)

Greetings from Turkey....
Alright, I have to make this now!
TotusMel (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Have fun with it!
Done! Love it!
Pam G.2 years ago
I sign in and click the pdf button but nothing happens. Help me out TotusMel, please? I'm try to get the Tatter Lace corsage bracelet pattern.
TotusMel (author)  Pam G.2 years ago
I believe you have to have a Pro account in order to download the pdf of the Instructable.
dwilkins42 years ago
This is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to try it!
basmala2 years ago
thank you
louine2 years ago
Thanks so much for this lovely pattern. I have tried it and your directions and pictures are great.
Sandi762 years ago
First thank you for sharing your designs with us :D As I was reading through I noticed this and wanted to ask in case someone doesn't catch it in time while attempting this:
In the first ring, 2 double stitches(ds) 1 picot(p) 2ds 1p 2ds 1ds <--- should be a 1p correct?

TotusMel (author)  Sandi762 years ago
You are correct, I will fix it at once, thanks.
Dear tatter, i am trying to download this but wont let me it keeps asking me to sign in..
TotusMel (author)  kittytatty2 years ago
You can only download the pdf if you're a pro member I believe. Otherwise you just have to go step by step on the site.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh wow this is really cool!!! Nice nice job!
TotusMel (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanks so much!