I was bored so I designed a tatted mustache necklace. It served no real purpose other than to prove I could do it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
-Size 10 cotton thread in black or I suppose brown
-Size 5 tatting needle or shuttle if you prefer
-Fabric Stiffener, starch or glue & water solution
-About 16" of chain, clasp and jump rings in preferred metal
-Jewelry pliers for attaching chain

You will also need basic tatting knowledge that can be acquired with my other beginning instructables.
Perfect for Movember
OMG! heheheh I love it!. I am so going to pimp out my husband with this.
Excellent, as always!
Tatting is a lost art and you do it so well!!!!!
Oh, it's not lost just hiding pretty well...I'm doing my best to expose it again ;-)
Your doin a great job!!!!
Awesome. :)
Thanks guys!
This is adorable! I love it.
Very cute!

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Bio: I'm a tattooed needle tatter, a stay at home mom and a homeschooler. I sell my work on etsy. I hope to offer a ... More »
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