I have been thinking of messing around with split rings and this is what came of it.  I also have been looking at different pieces of jewelry and seeing if I could recreate it with tatting.  I think it may not be the same, but it spurred an interesting recreation.

I have plans for a necklace version and earrings to match, because, really, you want a whole set, don't you?

Step 1: Supplies

  • Tatting thread size 10
  • Tatting Needle size 5
  • Other needle or pointy object to help with connecting picots (I use a cross stitch needle)
  • Clasp of choice
  • Jump Rings (optional, depending on clasp and how you attach it)
  • Scissors

I just finished making this. It was so easy! Thank you for having so many Instructables on here. I'm learning tatting with your and TotusMel's how-to's. It's so much fun!
Yay! I'm glad you made it. Do you have a picture of it? I'd love to see how it turned out :)
Sadly, no. I gave it to my daughter and she, of course, has "misplaced" it lol. This patttern is definitely something I'll keep in mind for hanging tatted pendants off of :)
Stunning!!!Love it.
Thank you!
Looks great! I'm pretty new to tatting and the only instruction I"m not familiar with is the "k". What does that mean after you close? Thanks!
It just means to make a knot. There were some points in one of my patterns where I didn't want you to knot, so I've made a habit of pointing out when you should :)
Got it! Just threw me for a minute. Thanks!!!!!
I've never heard of tatting but I want to learn now. How long did this take you to make?
It's hard to tell sometimes, since I stop to take pictures, but I would say, eh, an hour or two. Maybe on the longer side since you have to do many split rings and that takes longer, but I don't want to say over two hours once you know the basics.<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Learn-Needle-Tatting-With-My-Flower-Pendant-1/">Here</a> is how I learned, right here on Instructables! &nbsp;I watched the video over and over, then I got the needles and watched it some more while doing it.
Well Damn! I just moved and put all my tatting stuff in storage. Now I gotta go dig it out!! lol The bracelet is amazing. Love it!! Will you be adding more? If so i'll just add you to my subscriber list and Tatt stalk you :-)<br>
I plan on adding more as I come up with more designs. I have two saved, and am planning to put them up as soon as I get around to making them again :)
Very pretty! tatting is on my 'to learn' list.
Thanks and I hope you learn; it is a lot of fun once you get your groove!
I can't wait to make one of these!<br>
I'd love to see it when you do!
Lovely bracelet - it would make a great gift!
Thanks mom! I'll keep that in mind :)
I do shuttle tatting, not needle. I will have to see if I can come up with a shuttle version, because it is lovely!
I've done shuttle before, but I have a hard time with it. I hope you can figure it out! If I can ever get a better hang of it, I'll post up a shuttle version.
Ohh, pretty!!
Thank you :)
Your tatted version looks way, way better than the one with the pearls. So classy.
Thank you! I really appreciate it! I like mine too :)
Beautiful! I would definitely want a matching choker necklace.
Yeah, I'm more of a choker person than a bracelet person. I'll probably add it as a last step when I do it, right now it is the same except with a pendant I designed to match.
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! When are we going to have a tatting party so you can teach me??
Anytime! Though, I'll need to get more needles.

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