This instructable will show you how to make a very inexpensive professional looking tattooists / artists lightbox used for tracing images and designs onto paper from recycled things and out of things you may be able to find around the home or in the back of the garage.
This is my first ever instructable so i hope it can be understood ok and be of some use to someone :)

Step 1: Equipment and Tools.....

For this instructable i used an old scanner that i had lying about in the garage, an old bedside lamp fitment, complete with wire and plug.
Flat headed screwdriver, 
Cross headed/phillips screwdriver,
A pair of pliers,
Large tie wraps,
Energy saving 40w bulb,
Clear sticky tape/Sellotape,
Piece of tracing paper,
I did this same idea with an old scanner, instead for the light source, ..... rope light. <br>It doesn't burn hot, and is very cheap, if you purchase it on &quot;After Christmas&quot; sale tables.
What an amazing Idea, Im a tattoo artist too and my hubby was going to make me one and then we seen this on here. We were just looking up for sizes and wow what an amazing idea. We had all the equipment here and didnt cost a penny and it took my hubby about 1/2 hour. Starting from finding the stuff and completing it. Im off to try it out right now and then to tattoo. Very very cool idea.
Thanks for the amazing idea I can finally work on a easy project this summer :D
this is perfect! i draw manga, and i've been looking for a cheap compromise for a light table.<br>were can i get a plug thingy with the hole for a light bulb?
Great instructable! I didn't have an old scanner laying around but I was able to pick one up at Goodwill for a few bucks.
I found one of those x-ray viewer boxes at a goodwill store, and am using it as a traceing light box.
bravo! <br>you r smart!it is a big good idea for me ,i have a scanner out of control
That's pretty cool! Nice re-use of something that normally gets thrown away!

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