Step 2: Buy the Stuff and Get Started!

I purchased all of the wood and other construction supplies, but did not buy the spray paint (they were out - imagine that).

I started by trying to lay out the columns on the plywood in such a way that I would get the most out of one sheet. I decided the best thing to do would be to just rip the plywood in half lengthwise and then clamp the two halves together. This would allow me to sketch on one side and trim both of the sides at once. Since I didn't have a template or even any measurements to go by, it was pretty important I keep the sheets together.

Once I had the basic shape of the columns, I needed to work on the "rake" or tilt of the columns. Initially I cut way too much and the columns had no chance of standing on their own. Once corrected, I was on my way!
in looking at your pictures i notice you already have a lot of brickwork: house, mailbox, etc. did you ever consider decorating your columns to coordinate? just a thought.
Thank you for such a great plan. <br>The only difference I did was painting the rocks gray. I kept having trouble with overspray in the cracks and it would drown out the black. I finally resulted to using a roller. <br>Great results. I just sprayed the roller and then painted the rocks. <br>I also made a spider web gun. Awesome results. It covers the rocks and encases the skulls in cob webs.
LOL&nbsp;@ the last pic R.I.P. Ronald McDonald hahah<br />
Very Cool! I like the Burtonesque look. I need to build some as well and I am tempted to use your idea.&nbsp; Hope you don't mind.
This looks great.&nbsp; Your house looks like a good style for this type of thing, too.&nbsp; <br /><br />Do all of your decorations take a ton of storage space when disassembled?<br />
You know you should add blood to the dead run over body. Use a blood shooter.
Wow! That is a great idea with the fake column shape on top of the rectangle column stand/holder for your lights/speakers. I used a flicker circuit on some old wall sconces to put them on some cemetery columns but I didn't think i would get the chance to make them for this year. These columns are sooo easy! (do you mind if i use your idea?) THanks, and they look great!
That looks <em>awesome</em>. Nice job!<br/>
Thank you! It is always nice to be appreciated! Check back as I will post our next projects earlier!
BTW, we plan on using these for a Tim Burton costume ball early next year...fitting.
Man, Those are freaking awesome. I'd love to build a set, but I have neither the budget, nor the space to store them. Abbey Normal... Would that be a reference to Young Frankenstein. I love that movie. Great instructable, very clear.
Thanks! Yes...Abbey Normal - I have made it a tradition to allow the kids to name the tombstones, regardless of how bizarre the inscription. For many years we had a tombstone that said "Combro - he was a good boy". My son Dylan came up with that one when he was 5 and we just kept it around. He has no idea where it came from. The kids are both old enough now to start drawing from the bounty of bad horror movies (or good) so our ideas are blossoming! Too bad we all grow up! Not!
Wow this is extremely cool!, did a lot of people get freaked out?<br/>It looks pretty impressive, too bad i didn't have the time to do this =(<br/>Well, great instructable!<br/>
Thanks for checking it out. Last year we had a few kids that wouldn't even enter the yard so I took it down a notch and added more lighting - this year everyone came into the yard and only one wouldn't knock on the door... I spent probably a week after work and two weekends full-time working on everything, but it so worth it when the kids get there! Thanks again!

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