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About: My name is Randy and I am a Community Manager in these here parts. In a previous life I had founded and run the Instructables Design Studio (RIP) @ Autodesk's Pier 9 Technology Center. I'm also the author ...

A while ago I made this thing called Tazer Tag... "a tele-tactile game of submission and fun"... It worked by allowing users to wirelessly shock each other with varying amounts of electricity based on their distance to one another. The last person playing won.

I never documented it's creation completely. Initially I meant to go back and fill in the gaps and post how-to instructions online so that people could make their own. However, after realizing just how dangerous it actually was, I decided against it.

Any which way, I did take some pictures of the first step of the process which involved hacking an avalanche beacon. They aren't the best pictures, but you might get the idea. In terms of the technical features of the project, hacking the avalanche beacon was probably the most interesting and most useful aspect since it provides a reliable and accurate form of short-range telemetry.

Don't bother asking me about the electric shock components. I won't tell you.



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    how many wires

    You pulled apart a Pieps!?!?! They Only cost about 200 dollars and by the sounds if it you used more than one. Where do you get them for a discount?

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    I didn't get them for discount. I funded it out of pocket. For a while after graduation I lived off of spaghetti and chocolate.


    LOL. My type of life :)

    what is a pieps?

    It is a 300 dollar avalanch beacon (for back country skiing, boarding, sledding, etc...)

    could be very fun

    You do realize that a tazer is not even close to the most dangerous thing on this site. I'm actually shocked you got this on the site because it doesn't even teach you how to do anything. I say post the actual instructions and put on a crappy disclaimer like everyone else.

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    [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-InstructableSlideshowVideo-Tabs..../ Click and Read Please :)] (almost missed the C in "Click" :P )

    This isn't an Instructable, it is a slideshow. Slideshows are for posting finished projects or things without enough documentation to make an actual Instructable. Secondly, the technology I am using to shock people isn't actually a tazer and could be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. Even if it's not the most dangerous thing on the site, it still is dangerous and I don't see any reason to show people how to do it. I'd love to show people how to interface the avalanche beacon to a PIC chip but I don't fully remember what I did nor do I have the appropriate pictures to show you. As for taking pictures of the old Tazer Tag vests... they are thousands of miles away in a box in my parent's basement.

    ...? you play tag with Tazers....?.. may i play 357 magnum tag with you?? :-P jk

    Finnally, some documentation of this! I was curious on how it worked. (I didn't want to build my own, it just sounded like an interesting "game")

    :-O The amazing randolfo has posted a Slideshow! That looks cool, you should play that at the Instructables HQ.