Step 4:

Once it's melted to a liquid, pick your poison of tea cup, cut a wick thats long enough with at least a 1/2 inch to spare over the top of the tea cup and pour away.  In order to have the wick stay above the wax, I held it up with a cloths pin on top of the tea cup.  I also used chopsticks taped together for another one seen in the picture.  Let it set and dry and pretty soon you'll have a candle in a tea cup.
I made these before I saw this ible I thought I was the only one but yay some one else is being artistic to
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<p>Instead of teacups I used some containerss I found at the trift store.</p>
<p>The tea cup candle looks so pretty and it is so simple to make. This would be great for a tea party and is such a great gift.</p><p>Thank you for making such a great instructable!!!</p>
Nice, I like this. I hope to make one soon.

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