Picture of Tea Light Chandelier
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I like the double tea light chandelier from, but I didn't like the shipping charge they were asking. What's a maker to do? Well, make one obviously!

21 Tea light holders (I'm using IKEA Sommarmys)
Plywood (I used 18mm thickness, because that's what I had lying around)
Chain link 3 meters.
6 screws with a large head.
6 pieces of felt for use under chair legs.
1 Carabiner

Router (or jigsaw if you don't have one)
Drill press or hand drill
Circle cutting bit
Sander or sanding paper
Screw driver

If you have access to a laser cutter, that could be used instead of the router, drill press and circle cutting bit.

My plan is to take the chandelier with me when we're going camping and hang it in a bell tent. As it packs nice and flat it should be relatively easy to transport.
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Step 1: Buy Tea Light Holders

Picture of Buy Tea Light Holders
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2013-06-29 16.12.50.jpg
2013-06-29 16.14.10.jpg
For the tea light chandelier I bought tea light holders at ikea for 29 cents a piece (yes, I got ripped off ;)). I'm going to make a chandelier using rings with these holders on them. To keep the rings balanced I'll use three chains. To do this, it looks nicest when, for each ring, the number of tea light holders can be divided by three. I'll use 12 and 9 for mine, so I need 21 tea light holders in total.

After buying the tea light holders, arrange the holders for the largest ring in a circle that looks good to you and measure the diameter. You'll need this measurement for the next step. For my chandelier 60cm will be about right.

Also measure the base of the tea light holders, as you'll be cutting holes to match this size. For mine 50mm.
MemeMartin1 year ago
I like that you included the link to see the item you recreating. It helps others to visually compare which is necessary for "makers". But, the link you shared is one I've not seen before. So lots of new maker eye candy! Also, I'm very picky and feel its all about the detail. Most posts I feel are attempts, not knocking them. *Your chandelier was top notch! Much better than the others on the link provided. Your design also appears very stable, which is needed for camping and safety. *Very nicely done!
sharbabe1 year ago
WOW, how cool. Thanks for sharing such a cool, innovative idea ; >
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
Right on. I can see myself building a 3, 4, 7 story chandelier. Heck, even making a Christmas tree version with a stake in the center to the ground. I like the steps you documented. Very nice. Truth be told, I bristled when I read "buy tea lamp holders" because it reminded me of some Instructables that start with "turn on your $3,000 3D printer.." Yeah, no. But after reading the description you scored big on those. Thanks for posting.
wardwouts (author)  Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
I'd love to see pictures if you make a multi story or christmas tree version! Thanks!

I'm loving all the comments! So thanks everyone. :)
onemoroni11 year ago
This came out very cool! If I had room I would make one too.
vivaladawn1 year ago
this is so beautiful :D
paneer651 year ago
Beautiful! P.S. you didn't get ripped Ikea now sells those tealights for $0.99 each. I'd say you got a better deal than that!
wardwouts (author)  paneer651 year ago
Yeah, I got a pretty good deal. The tealights were about 7 euro's, the wood also 7-ish and other bits also 10-ish. So in total I spent less than 25 euro's. Which would be about $32.
l8nite1 year ago
that looks AWESOME !
This is very beautiful :). What an Idea :). Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful Hob!
Oooh! This is so pretty! I love colorful things and I bet it gives off beautiful lighting at night!!!
wardwouts (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you. It finally got dark enough to take some night pictures. Have a look. :)
Oh yes! Just beautiful! Thanks for putting up the pictures :D