Make a customizable, personalized invitation for any kind of party!

My theme for this party was a (somewhat) British Afternoon Tea and the colors were spring based with purple, green, and yellow. I wanted the invitations to reflect all of that!

However, you can change the image and colors used to suit your party.

To see this instruction all in one page check out my blog: TeaforTeal

Step 1: Supplies

Envelopes (mine were green)

Pre-made plain paper card OR thick paper that you can fold into cards (mine were purple)

Fancy paper (the yellow and white flower paper)

Scratch paper

Regular scissors


Cutting board



Individually wrapped tea sachets


Fancy shaped scissors that create patterns when used

Calligraphy pen

I went to PaperSource and bought a pack of green envelopes, purple premade folded cards, and a giant piece of yellow flowery paper. I think it all cost a total of $15. So, I could have bought premade cards for the same price but then I wouldn’t have a fun project!

Ive made it
This is so fun. Beautiful work!

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