For those like me with chronic constipation, hot tea with molasses helps alot to get stuff moving. Here is how I make mine each day with breakfast.

Step 1: The Tea.

Make your tea of choice with the water nice and hot.

Step 2: Sugar (optional).

Add to your preference.

Step 3: Molasses.

Two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses does the trick for me. Ideally I use only molasses and no sugar but that's just me. Too much refined sugar is not good. Stir it in good.

Step 4: Completion.

Now the tea with constipation softening molasses is ready for enjoyment! Happy movements all!
<p>Without being too... graphic, how exactly does this improvement to the condition manifest itself. Is it an over-correction type situation?<br><br><br>asking for a friend</p>
<p>Good to know this just in case its ever needed. Thank you!</p>
Works like a charm plus the molasses is full of necessary nutrients. It's my daily requirement.
<p>Do you find a difference between sulphured and unsulphured molasses?</p>

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