Tea House Wall Painting





Introduction: Tea House Wall Painting

Once in Bucharest there was a tea house called Joie De Vivre (Joy of life). It had a sad blind wall closing it's yard and needed help making it happier. That's where I appeared :)

Step 1: Sketchs

First steps were to see the compositions in my mind, draw them on paper and scale them.

Sketches on photos, a few compositions with surfaces to be painted, measurements and notes.

Step 2: Painting

4 compositions that present happy moments in ones life: sketching, outline and colour fill.

First day - chalk drawing and outline of composition

Second day - fill in the gaps

Third day - add final details and gradients

Step 3: Final Result

This is how the pictures I painted looked at the end. I like the cartoonish side and also the contrast :)

4 windows are now ready to be admired while drinking tea or lemonade outside.



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Questions & Answers


Very nice! The atmosphere there is totally changed by these "windows".

I love the photo in step 2 with the cat window and the section of gray wall. That shot shows the finished work very well, and might be a good choice for using as your main intro photo... might help you grab a few more views of your awesome project! :)

Thanks a lot :) I'll follow your advice and see what happens.

You're welcome! Good luck!

This is me painting the outline for the tea house blind wall intervention.

After a few meetings with the owners we decided to go with this windows compositions and what came out is very nice :)