Tea Light Chandelier



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Introduction: Tea Light Chandelier

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Step 1:

Save, clean and scrub the labels of around ten jars- different shapes and sizes are good. Decorate them however you please, I used paint, felt, tissue paper, glitter, cellophane.. Whatever you can get your hands on. I also used paper flowers for a 3D effect!

Step 2:

Find yourself a hoola hoop, some plain material and ribbon to decorate. Wrap the material around the hoop using a PVA and water mixture. I then put ribbon around mine to add a bit of colour and texture.

Step 3:

For this part I used garden wire to connect the jars to my hoop, garden wire is least likely to cause a fire and slide around on the hoop- good idea right. Then attach the chandelier to something sturdy.. I used my garden parasol as it makes a nice centre piece for a party :)

Step 4:

Ta-dah, this is it all done and looking sweet :) now to drink and gaze at it!



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