Step 4: Cooking the Paper

Picture of Cooking the Paper
Now Pre-Heat your oven to 200 degrees F. Now pour the excess coffee into the bowl. Now once you've got that done set the timer to 15 to 16 minutes, 15 to 16minutes works with 1-4 sheets of paper at a time, I didn't need anymore than that so I don't know how it would do with any more, Now stick the cookie sheets, with the paper on them, in the oven.

As a side note, the time it takes to bake the paper dry varies depending on your oven, such as if it's gas or electric. The first time I made the Tea Paper, I made it in a gas oven, set at 200 degrees and it took 9 minutes. The next time I made Tea Paper, it took 16 minutes in an electric oven. Remember to keep an eye on your paper.
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