Teach Your Unborn Child About Star Trek





Introduction: Teach Your Unborn Child About Star Trek

It's never too early to teach your kids about Star Trek! In week 23 fetuses begin to be able to hear. The sounds they hear while in the
womb have been shown to calm babies down when they are repeated after they are born. Using this logic, reading to your baby about Star Trek while close to the womb will result in them being comforted by similar readings later on.

Star Trek has a positive message about our species and its future, a rare thing in popular media. Star Trek also teaches kids valuable STEM skills, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) which are excellent primers for rewarding and solid careers later on.

There's really no downside! Start in week 23 and live long and prosper.

Below are photos and videos about my attempts at this with our first son, and our coming baby girl.




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    You need to make a video on "How to teach your baby Klingon" LOL. but it's great your talking to the kid, so when are you planning on building the Enterprise NCC 1701?

    anyways, great video.
    Live Long and Prosper \\//

    Which enterprise a b c d e or original archer timeline

    Get a pillow and woman who will play a long and make one yourself! I'm getting too busy with the kid a few weeks away from due date...

    i will certainly do this too :-)

    that's so nerdy, and so awesome
    you'll be a very cool dad =D
    a little old time, but cool. =D

    my dad got me to watch star wars, and I've seen all movie's a few times over since then. resulting in awesome quotes, gifts and discussions (leaving my sisters an mother face palmed)

    I never knew Commodore Decker had a child!

    While I agree with jxross about the illogic of a human female being in close proximity of a Trekkie, I do agree with the author about the rarity and value of a popular show giving a hopeful future and positive view of science. (Even if that science has air quotes around it).

    As a side note I had all those books when I was young, and now miss them terribly.