Teach Yourself to Play Harmonica





Introduction: Teach Yourself to Play Harmonica

Don't play an instrument? Learn the Harmonica, it's easy, cheap, portable, and sounds great.

Go to this guys webpage:

he has excellent free online lessons, and songs to practice. The songs are written out in very easy to follow number system (#1 = hole 1 of harmonica, #2 = hole 2, etc), and for each song you can click a play button on the top right of the screen to hear the song played.

Therefore you need no musical background to learn, just start playing according to the numbers and according to the beat you hear when you play the audio sample.

I made a collection of the better songs and their respective audio files (I downloaded the audio files from other random places on the net) and saved it as a .rar file (use winzip or winrar, both free, to open it). So I have everything I need and don't need to connect to the internet to practice.

You can carry around your harmonica and practice it wherever if you put the audio on your ipod and print out the song numberings.

Download the .rar file I attached if you want it.




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    A new version of HarpNinja has just been released for Diatonic (10-hole or blues/country/folk/reggae) harmonica. http://www.harpninja.com/wp/app/harpninja-diatonic-harmonica/

    ....don't forget to mention prices range from $20-$30 for the HarpNinja ap!

    I bought a cheap Non-numbered harmonica, how do i know which numbers are where?

    1 will be the lowest note, 10(or the last whole) will be the highest :)

    You might also try the following:


    Also try: http://www.harmonica.com/ and this page: http://www.harmonica.com/how-to-play-the-harmonica-714.html

    Anyone interested in learning blues harmonica should also check out Adam Gussow's channel on youtube. youtube.com/user/KudzuRunner.

    If I ever get decent with a diatonic, I might try a chromatic like the one in the picture up there. Don't want to make it more confusing than it is by mixing the two right now. LOL

    Does anyone know from which site can i learn how to play harmonica of 48 holes

    Sounds like a tremolo harmonica. Don't know much about them, but I did find this: