Introduction: Teach Your Dog to Jump Through a Hula Hoop

Want to teach your dog a cool trick? This is the perfect thing for you! At first it may seem hard, but I taught Sam in one day when she was about 6. Everyone who sees her do this is impressed, I was even surprised that it worked. Watch this video and you will see that teaching an old dog new tricks is possible! 

Please comment on my video, it is my first one!


misard (author)2014-06-17

I have a Boston Terrier 2 years old named Tobby, this dog gave me many problems. It ate my shoes, urinated in the room, the furniture stank. A teach my dog to behave with some training videos I found online. Pay 1 dollar for a trial period of 3 days. And 37 monthly payment, but worth every penny. My dog is very well behaved, and does not make those deviltries and I have taught him many tricks. This is the location where I found the training:

Suekath57 (author)2013-04-23

Great job!

leopard10 (author)2011-11-10

cute dog :)

Mutantflame (author)2011-10-10

Great Video!

kgerton (author)2011-07-20

I know your trying to be stylish but flashing the text instructions and having them pop-up in different spots and in different styles make it very difficult to follow. I often had to pause the video just to be able to read them, and that was within the first minute or so. Had to stop watching it. Hope this helps on your next one.

Mutantflame (author)kgerton2011-10-10

Personally, I quite liked it.

7katz (author)kgerton2011-07-22

I'm sorry you didn't like it, and thanks for the tip.

Nisalotaco (author)2011-08-11

I like this, I think I'm going to train my 2 year old Labradoodle to do this!

(ps, you should train the cat to do this next!)

7katz (author)Nisalotaco2011-08-14

yeah, I think that would be useful, I have a lot of cats too. I will work on it...

Mauigerbil (author)2011-07-29

Cool vid. I will try to see if my basset and my beagle will do this (HIGH doubts for Fred the basset) Sam might have some St bernard there too...

7katz (author)Mauigerbil2011-08-01

She might, I never thought about that one

Mauigerbil (author)7katz2011-08-01

My grandma has a bernard/chow mix named Morgan that looks similar to Sam

Chowmix12 (author)2011-07-20

Very professional video > I love it! I might try this with my Chow Mix. (hence the username and profile picture). What breed is your dog, you might want to add it in the description unless you want to be asked that same question millions of times. She looks a lot like my dog except with a different color coat.

7katz (author)Chowmix122011-07-22

Thanks! Sam is a mutt, but we don't really know what breeds she is a mix of. Some people think she is part German Shepard, but we're not sure, since we found her after a storm when she was a puppy.

rivetgeek (author)2011-07-18

uh...might wanna make the video not private

mrmath (author)rivetgeek2011-07-18

Yes, please do. And reply to this post so we get an email letting us know we can go watch it, please.

7katz (author)mrmath2011-07-18

Sorry, it should be public now. Thanks for telling me!

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