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I found a kitten in the ditch as I was walking down the road one day.  I brought her home and cleaned her up with all intentions of giving her to one of my lovely friends.  Soon I was once again reminded of the old adage that "kittens are like opinions, everyone is trying to give them away".

To make a long story short; I was stuck with her.

So I decided to teach her how to fetch.

This is how I did it:

Step 1: Find a toy that cats like

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I grabbed a plastic bag and pretended like it was the coolest thing on Earth.  I made a lot of noise with it which really piqued the kitten's attention.  I acted foolish like that until she was entirely focused on the bag. 
xX_Zoya_Xx1 month ago
My kitty is a black Bombay who I found in a bush on the side of my house and she is pampered a lot

Our house ir pretty big and her room is the garage and we have a car shed so our cars don't go in there so about 5 minutes ago I saw my cat carrying a big foam ball in her mouth and I thought it was the cutest thing ever I tried to get her to do it agin but I can't
mmd9006 months ago
My cat is lazy

Nice one, I also rescued one stray grey tabby kitten a month ago, and just recently bought her so they can play along together, can't wait to try this with them. Thank you so much for the info, cute cat you have there :)

Phoenix Flare11 months ago
Lovely!! I adore the fact you rescued the poor kitten!!
hmm, lucas is two years old but not the brightest spark....ok..he is utterly brainless (but great, loving pet)
he should love this!!!he loves going for walks like our dogs

he is also a living fur scarf! so cute!

PS_ that is one cute kitten

Female cats are much smarter than males. It's just the same in every species and especially human.

my cat isn't very playful, and i've already spoiled him a bit...

catlily1 year ago
Adorable pet!
paste-eater3 years ago
I didn't even have to teach my kitty to fetch. I was shocked when she brought her toy back to me to be trown again :p
Demon45113 years ago
that is sooo cute I'm teaching my kitten that A.S.A.P!!!!
tsanun3 years ago
When i got my cat I was so happy. I always said "Kiss" and then put her lips to mine. Now whenever I hold her near my face and repeat the command she gives me a Kiss.
Athena783 years ago
If you want to teach a cat to play silly games, it is best to start when they are small, 6 mo or less. An older cat can still learn, but are more likely to look at you like you've lost your marbles and continue doing whatever they were doing. Younger cats can get up in the fun of it all a lot easier Also, I realized, when teaching my cats silly stuff, I have always talked to them like dogs, they seem to understand that the change in how I am talking to them means something, so I have my normal everyday voice, one to let the cats know they did bad, one to praise, and the "talk like a dog owner" to play.

All I did to teach my older cats fetch was to throw a paperball for them and call them back once they had it. I have cats and 3 learned this way. One learned by being a pest, I was NOT trying to tech him fetch, I just threw a paperball for him (as in "go play over there, you're bugging me") and he brought it back. I thought to myself, "OK, it's a cat, fetch is nothing new to me with cats" and threw it again. He brought it back. Like he taught himself. This particular cat is very obsessive though and fetch had to stop with him. He won't let the other 3 play with paperballs and he just doesn't stop. He will seriously play fetch for HOURS until I am so fed up I throw the toy away, then he gets it out of trash and meows to play. Or steals money or receipts from my pockets to play with. Fetch is fun, but an obsessive cat can make it not so fun anymore. ***psst*** he is the black and white in that pic. The Siamese knows fetch, but his specialty is sitting on my shoulder while I walk around the house. It cuter when he was little, now that thing is nearly 20lbs and a tad heavy for my shoulder.
rsmaudsley6 years ago
USE CAUTION WHEN TRYING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME! Of my five cats, I have three that would make a MEAL out of a plastic grocery bag. They don't play with it, they EAT it. Apparently, during the manufacturing process, most bag makers add a fish-oil to the mix to make the bags not stick to each other. Some cats are inclined to eat the bag. But bread-bag twist ties or plastic clips, crumples up paper or a plastic water\soda bottle cap often work well. :-)
So THAT'S why I have one cat that licks bags and another that eats them...... and I thought they were just stupid.... Anyways I have one too, I got this cute little feral cat and he had decided plastic was funtime, he was playing in a grocery bag and got it stuck around his neck. He panicked and was FLYING around the living room, peeing everywhere, ended up under the bed attacking my hand while I tried to remove the bag. I finally just had to take the shredding to my hand to get the entire thing off him, his back claws had tore it up real bad so I was getting bag shreds for a few minutes instead of the handle around his neck. 3 years later, he is totally PARANOID about a shopping bag crinkling, but any other plastic bag, he eats it. The little weirdo also plays fetch with paperballs. No one taught him, we just threw the ball and he brought it back, now he finds paper anywhere he can and brings it to us to make him toys. Did I mention this cat is a weirdo?

Mine too. She loves plastic. She'll eat rubber bands, hair clips, plastic bags, plastic film off of gum packages. It's crazy!!

She used to climb into grocery bags until she got one of the handles stuck to her collar as she was getting out of it. It use pretty much the same as shamanwhitewolf's story. But she ran around the couch about 40 times with what looked like a cape. We couldn't tell it she was trying to save us from something or if she planned on attacking us. My wife and I were starting to get worried after lap 15 or 16. but she finally calmed down and we took the bag off her collar. I've never seen a cat pant like a dog before. Now she won't go near them unless we're around.

gibandy (author)  rsmaudsley6 years ago
AGREED! Please use caution when leaving any type of choking hazards, especially plastic bags around the house. Thanks for making us aware of this.
As to that bathroom wall quote, it most likely originated from the band Modest Mouse in their song "Out of Gas" "Had a drink the other day, opinions were like kittens I was giving them away." Modest Mouse is great check 'em out. They have a strange style which is great.
parkerace4 years ago
Sooooo cute! Can't believe you got the kitty to actually fetch. Mine would probably think I lost my mind if I tried to teach her something like this.
tinker2344 years ago
wow col tryed it my 25 pound cat wont budge to get a ball wild horses couldnt move him from my desk
Music man4 years ago
i want that cat CLONE IT!!!
Music man4 years ago
When my cat was little she used to put her hands in the food bowl and growl. I don't know why maybe it was because she shared a food bowl with my other cat but she grew out of it
u lost her like 8 years ago... :(
GreyWarden5 years ago
So in the step before this you said to rub cat food on it and afterward you put it in your mouth?
Yep. Delicious!
if you don't want to take the time to teach them buy a siamease their prone to fetching you dont have to teach them to bring it back (not you have to spend the most time with them for it to bring it back usally) at least 95% fetch thats pretty good odds (did you know animal that fetch prefer certin objects like foam rings that come with cd's or a certin type of ciggerate packet lights or soft packs
Trollgunn5 years ago
What a cutie! I just love the spots.

I have two cats myself that are great retrievers. It's a fun game to play, at least for me since all I have to do is throw the ball/pompon/mouse etc. They do all the work :-)
lshar5 years ago
I really want to see a photo of this!!  A video would be even more instructional (-:
 Did you ever fake out your cat by pretending to throw it, or would that just be cruel?
nouveauanne5 years ago
She is EXCEPTIONALLY enthusiastic!!!   I love this, I had a little black and white cat once, who would play fetch and taught himself how to use the toilet!!! REALLY !! it was awesome......scared me to death, cause I heard someone peeing and was home alone..... so that's who I saw when I peeked in the bathroom, was soooo impressed, never had another cat play fetch or do that!  Yours is awesome!! Enjoy.  
harrilee5 years ago
that is so cooooooooooooooooooool
ellomate568 years ago
Yes, a cat is not a dog. Cats/Kittens don't do tricks not because ther are not smart, because they don't have the motivation (food, praise, pet). You have to find you're kitty's motivation and get lots of it. If it is petting, pet her, food, feed her, praise, talk to her. You get the idea. So, yes. A kitty is not a doggy.
In my opinion cats are rather smart compared to dogs. Maybe the reason they don't do tricks is because they are smart enough to realize that tricks are rather pointless.
actually cats will rarely do stuff for you because they're essentially egotistical self centred little balls of fur that think you're there for their amusement but it can be done when you don't feed a cat it demands food but a cat that loves people and attention can easily be manipulated in to fetching
True - but at the same time, if the cat is not overfed and a monster like ours, favorite treats are an amazing motivator :)

[I am in no way saying starve your cat, but do note how much food is a serving on the bag, it is usually a LOT less than you would think. Esp since the adults pretty much sleep something like 18 hours a day]
AKNeal5 years ago
This is a great Instructional. But my cat plays fetch naturally. I bought her a couple of those furry fake mice, she would play with them and leave them on the couch when she was finished. one time she left one of them on the couch while I was watching T.V. and I threw it across the room. she went after it and brought it right back. She put it in my lap and looked at me as if to say "do that agian". So I did. It's a great party trick.
quesoman5 years ago
i bet my scoutmaster would get a kick out of me teaching my cat to fetch for the pets meritbadge. and he's my vet
dooDIY4T77 years ago
If your cat does this I would make sure to supervise her because though rare occuring sometimes cats can choke on or actually swallow a plastic bag. And do you actually have to put it in ur mouth? Do cats realize that ur mouth is the same as theirs?
gibandy (author)  dooDIY4T76 years ago
Yes, you are correct, animals and people can choke on plastic bags. Do not leave plastic bags lying around your house if there is even a remote chance that anything living in your house could possibly choke on it. Yes, I put the bag in my mouth and would carry it back to the where i threw it from. I think some cats realize that our mouths are the same as theirs, although I am not certain.
unpro gibandy5 years ago
this step proofs that cats are the master instead :D
Well, right on then I might have to try to teach one of my cats to fetch.
johnru85 years ago
umm i'm wondering but did you use the catfood trick with this step?!?!? because i tried and... x.x it wasnt pretty.
krazipanda5 years ago
ur kittys soo cute :D
this is kinda creepy. I found a cat outside in a bush and brought herhome. Then i ran to the pet store and bought her those little mice withthe catnip in them... and if i threw one she would bribg it right back!!She must be a natural. Also your cat is adorable.
She's a very cute kitten. :)
I have 2 female cats who were raised with a familly wich has more 2 big dogs as pets. Maybe (?) because of that one of my cats loves to fench paper balls but the other cat for some reason never seems interessed.
mirecho5 years ago
So cool, I just adopted a little ball of fluff myself and i'll have to try my hand at kitty training. 3 years on does your kitty still fetch?
ahava4885 years ago
That's really cute. Hopefully I can teach my feline to do the same.
AlKaswa5 years ago
Ah, my cat knew how to fetch when I got her, and she loves it. She constantly brings me any vaguely ball-shaped item to throw, but balled up paper is her favourite. When I wake up, I'm usually covered in paper balls. My kitty learned by example from a dog, though.
Way Cool. Any kitty mouth diseases one needs to worry about?
gibandy (author)  DanielSedgwick5 years ago
Great question Dan. I am not aware of any kitty mouth disease and I hereby declare no responsibility for diseases contracted through trading objects via mouth between kitties and humans.
Tragicleo6 years ago
Nice! can't wait to try it!
guyfrom7up8 years ago
My cats are afraid of bags ;)
My cat (the one in this picture) is afraid of bags too.
my cat LOVES them. Grocery day, bring in the bags, Pick one up, you'll see two glowing eyes.
My first cat Havoc loooooves those Christmas/birthday/gift bags. I have no idea why lol she will knock it over, push everything out then run off with it. Later I always find her hiding in it behind the sofa lol
LMAO! Mine too!
Mine too. He ~used~ to enjoy them, the noises and such. Then he got himself stuck in one. Ever see a cat do laps in the house... on the walls.... at head height... never touching the floor?!? Cat+plastic bag+fear=anti-gravity!!! Oh, and destroyed items in the living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.

But this is a good instructable. You can teach your cat just about anything with proper motivation, and lots of love. I second the kudos for saving the little tyke!
purplekitty6 years ago
Aww its so cute, I am going to try this with my cat!
chinkapin6 years ago
My kitty Woody loves the bags. He was weighed in one from the time I got him until now. He just crawls in and waits until I hook the fish scales up to weigh him. Afterwards he destroys the bag.
crackjr6 years ago
man all my cat dose is stair at me and attack me when I walk away
annaliesa!6 years ago
I have two cats (black) and they both play fetch. Cats CAN be trained, it just takes patience and a good relationship with the cat. Better when they are younger I think because they are more energetic then.
snoozie116 years ago
I love how you say "Thanks!" to your cat when she brings back the ball. Lovely job!
chg46 years ago
Whats funny is my can used to fetch all by himself. He love a catnip mouse and would always bring it back so he could chase it down when i threw it.
i have a cool little cat named sox and she naturally fetches things like foil balls and brings them back =]
hishealer6 years ago
My kitty loves to chase those hi-bounce balls, but she brings them halfway back, and then screams at me to throw it again. It's cute to watch her scramble and chase the ball, especially when it bounces over her head and she has to scramble back! I stumbled on this game when I got tired of her pushing it around at my feet and threw it, and to my delight, she chased it like her tail was on fire! The only training on her part is the screaming part, and I won't throw it again till she's nice and brings it back to me. ;p
Maureclaire6 years ago
Sooo awesome ! YOU are sooo awesome !
I can't believe this works! I think my cats may be too old for this but I am certainly willing to give this a shot.
Kush_Slayer6 years ago
lol my friend has a cat that looks just like that
your kitten is precious, you are precious. this video is precious.
sideways6 years ago
I enjoyed seeing this, thanks so much for posting the video. Brought back memories of a buddy I had for 19 years. He was a natural fetcher. He was skittish around strangers, so nobody but us ever saw him do it. Your vid is proof that kitties will indeed fetch : ) Our game started whenever we sat down and opened the newspaper tv book to see what was on. The paper rustling would bring him running, one of us would rip out a page, ball it up and toss it down the hallway for him to bring back. We could even fake him out and he would start to take off, but catch himself because he knew we hadn't flicked it or thrown it. He was good for maybe 8-10 fetches, then he would either get tired or lose interest for the rest of the night. He was also an alarm clock. He would jump on the bed and start meowing every morning just before the alarm would go off. His reward was one of us turning on the faucet to a trickle so he could drink the water. The clock change twice a year would mess him up; for a week or two he would be an hour early until he adjusted to the time change. He also would jump on the bed and "call" us when it got near bedtime.
Awwwwwww sooooo cute, ive got two siamese cats (im japanese too, dont forget about me!) and they dont act like cats, they act like dogs, they dont climb, eat cat treats, only one of them eats catnip, and they both like chicken and beef T.T, they act like dogs i wanna train em to fetch, they need excersize, they sit on the goddamn computer all day watching cat porn
AudSauce6 years ago
so cute! love your kitty's spots!
HAAAARICA6 years ago
I NEED to try this later..maybe it'll help my cats lose weight. Unfortunately, I like them fat, it's cuter. :) Love the idea, though.
umm... okay....
mattias law6 years ago
that is great my cat would hate the plastic bag though she is quite skiddish, when i say skiddish i mean very skiddish, like poo on your bed when you bring the vacuum in even when its not turned on type of skiddish. we also rescued our cat. we wish that we had her from a kitten though, she probably wouldnt have been as afraid
amando966 years ago
my cat is almost like that! he has three spots on the side too! and we also found him! but mine has a spot on his nose :P
bluefly12156 years ago
Shes beautiful! Love the three spots on her side. Very good kitty.
motherinlaw6 years ago
Thanks for sharing. If my cat can bring me unwanted critters that he has caught I'm sure he can learn to fetch . . . but first I have to train myself to slow down and take time to teach him.
SinAmos6 years ago
My cat played catch automatically. No teaching necessary. I guess it depends on what model you get. She is curled up in between my cupped knees as I type this.
JCLightning6 years ago
For sixty years I've used the best cat toy there is. Ball up an empty cigaret pack as small and round as you can. (They don't like Menthol as much as regular).
rustlabs6 years ago
this is awesome, i think my cat could be a little on the fat side though.
hellstudios6 years ago
lol my old cat picked this up naturally, we just threw a tin foil ball to get her away and she brought it back. lol
My cat looks exactly like your cat, same black and white, and same location of color changes wow. What kind of cat is yours?
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Very cute! i thought making cats fetch was impossible!
Bitsi6 years ago
This video reminds me of watching the feral cats that live in the woods behind our house. (We try to capture and neuter them all, but one of them managed to get pregnant and have a litter of kittens anyway) But the point is, that the mama cat did something similar when she was teaching the babies how to hunt. Mama went and caught a little rabbit and brought it to the babies. She laid the bunny down in front of them and let the babies smell it. When the bunny took off, Mama cat would go chase after it and bring it back for the babies. She must have spent all afternoon "fetching" that animal for them. So I guess that fetching could be a natural talent. :-)
Legadon Bitsi6 years ago
pcairic6 years ago
So cute!
bigmark6 years ago
try throwing it on Linoleum it is sooo funny,they spinout & slide into things. plus it must be some thing with semi-wild cats.my cat was a barnfind too. and he was great at fetching.must have something to do with bringing food back to the herd,or something.great job,loved it.
Thornburg6 years ago
The cat can fetch better than my dog
Plasmana6 years ago
That is really amazing that a cat can fetch like dogs!
AndyGadget6 years ago
I've never seen a cat fetch like that, but I know someone whose Burmese cat will go into other people's houses and steal fridge magnets.
(I think another good reason for training your cat in a small room like a bathroom is so the neighbours don't see you crawling around the floor with a ball in your mouth ;¬)
moshbox6 years ago
I thought all cats did this naturally. my three have all played this game with anything i had handy without any coaxing on my part. when i take them camping, maudite will even play the game without me and take it upon herself to sneak out of the tent in the middle of the night and fetch a few shrews for breakfast lol where's the instructable to cat proof zippers?
Argool6 years ago
My kitten knew how to fetch already for some reason... she was was rescued from a barn...
foobear6 years ago
oh my gourd, what a cute little monster
n00bcakes_x6 years ago
haha. thats great that you kept that cat. one of my cats, felix, ( hes bad just like the cartoon) will fetch anything. he loves the stick toys with feathers on the end.. ill throw them while laying in bed and he brings them back right up to my face.. hes just like a dog
marcrue6 years ago
Wow, simply amusing. My two cats will go crazy seeing me playing catch with them!
your a good person you saved that kitty from dieing thank you!
gibandy (author)  funwithfire3256 years ago
Hey Fun, You're a good person too. The best pets are the ones you rescue.
i wish this was a haiku...
ReCreate6 years ago
when i get a plastic bag my cat makes a run for it(it hates the sound)
egriff6 years ago
sounds like how I got my buddy cat. only cat I've ever seen that suffers from separation anxiety.
Cracknel6 years ago
don't use plastic bags! cats can get plastic pieces into their mouth, swallow them and... better use paper :)
Fildain6 years ago
My cat used to fetch hair ties. And only that.
codongolev6 years ago
I want to see the video, but it doesn't seem to work.
diablo1326 years ago
diablo1326 years ago
my kct would claw my ears off if i teased her like like + she and my other have to eat duck because of liver probs..= (
diablo1326 years ago
i bring in bags for my kat diablo and she nearly takles me nd i am proud of you for rescueing the kitteh...so good luck my cats are a handful = )
regipalka6 years ago
what do i do if my cat hates plastic bags?
tokio7 years ago
The quote on the wall from the Stober's bathroom is actually a Modest Mouse lyric from the song "Out of Gas." "Opinions are like kittens, I was giving them away." My cats already know how to fetch, but I want to give you some serious props for saving the cute babe.
gibandy (author)  tokio6 years ago
Awesome! I love Modest Mouse... I'll have to check out that song. Thanks!
bdblock947 years ago
aionskull7 years ago
My kitten taught me that he could fetch today! I was so shocked i went searching about it and found this instructable. wadded up paper seems to work better for him, and might be safer then a plastic bag.
foobear7 years ago
please put the video back up!
Smalfrii7 years ago
i gotta teach my cat to do that
brianf257 years ago
I think your bathroom wall quote is from a modest mouse song.. 'out of gas' - 1997. maybe the saying was around before then idk.
tokio brianf257 years ago
You beat me to the Modest Mouse thing. I'd never heard the saying before then. Maybe it was around, though.
Plaid Demon7 years ago
Not unless you have a Maine coon like me he loves fetching
Mine too! But for him dropping the ribbon within three feet of you is just as good as your lap. I think his thoughts on the subject are something like: you've got arms, don't you? As far as kitty is not a doggy goes: this is true. But think on this: my dog will jump over small tables to get at your lap and he loves to sleep there, but my cat sleeps at the foot of my bed.
My brother's cat taught him to play fetch... true story, lying on the couch one day, a cat toy dropped on his chest. He looked at it and figured it must have been stuck between the cushions of the couch, falling out when he was lying there. so he chucked it to the corner of the room and continued watching his movie... minutes later that same cat toy dropped on his chest again! So he threw it, but this time he took careful notice of what happened, the kitten went and got it, climbed the back of the couch and dropped it on him! So, I say, the kitten taught him to fetch!
thabo7 years ago
Cat are strange. I have a Bengal kitten that just loves to play fetch and will bring one of its plastic milkbottle caps (favourite toy) to me , drop it on my lap or in my hand and wait for me to throw. I have never taught it or rewarded it. Normally I am the one that gets tired of the game after about 20 times!
dchall87 years ago
Cats are motivated by food just like dogs. Back in the early 80s someone dropped a kitten off at our house. My (then) wife already came with a cat so someone must have thought we needed another. Being the dog-person that I am, I taught the kitten to do a few tricks. I can't remember what tricks, because I was only doing it to prove I could. At the time I was teaching with visual clues rather than voice commands. Wasn't very hard. I'd say cats and dogs learn at the same speed.
Hobo Joe_7 years ago
I just read it. Good for you but a lot of work for me. P.S. The clip is not available anymore
RobKohr7 years ago
My cat pretty much naturally learned to play fetch. I think it was that he enjoyed chasing after plastic caps I threw, and discovered if he brought them back I would throw them again.
It doesn't work :(
YouTube gives a message saying "This is a private video". Could you please make t public? Won't play. And second what leahculver said, those rubber "soccer balls" from Petsmart are great. They're very bouncy which is a plus in terms of attracting kitty's interest.
jammis8 years ago
Haha, that is so cool. Im going to teach my cat to do this now. next will be world domination.
gibandy (author)  jammis8 years ago
Cool, Jammis! Make sure you make an instructable on how to teach your kitty to take over the world! ha ha ha
jammis gibandy8 years ago
I will make sure to, but by then i shall ownz teh world, so i don't think you would need to know anything other then obey the kitty!
/\ /\ |
U |

foss8 years ago
my cat sergei loves to play fetch. seems to be instinctual for some cats. sometimes i wake up and i find toys and twisty ties in my bed from her trying to get me to play in the morning while i'm still sleeping.
My kitty is a mutt mix ... kind of tabby, kind of coon. He was an animal rescue. He started fetching on his own when he discovered my craft fluff balls and I just can't keep them away from him! I had to put those things in a plastic container with a lid because he would keep stealing my fluff balls and dragging them all over my apartment! He bats them around the room for a while, chases them, then brings them to me to throw for him again and again. I bought bigger balls similar to the fluff balls but he seems to love those cheap 1-2 inch craft balls ... guess it's a good thing. I also taught him to go for walks on a leash, but decided to stop taking him outside when he jumped out of my car once and I lost him for about 6 months. I went door-to-door and left my number and someone called me months later. He also lets me put fairy wings on him for halloween. I made him a rafia mane to be a lion, but haven't tried to see if he'll wear it yet. I guess he could wear it as a hula skirt too. I made my other cat (got it when I thought he was gone for ever) a ballerina tutu and found her a tierra in a toy store, but I haven't tried it yet because my camera's broken. And, as soon as he sees me go into the bathroom, he runs to keep me company so I don't have to read a book ... pretty funny cat!
Linco8 years ago
it doesnt work :(
Kelani8 years ago
Apparently some breeds have a natural tendency to fetch. Turkish Van is one of those. They also loves swimming and playing in water, go figure. It also helps if your cat is smart. My mom has one that sleeps 23.5 hours a day and will try for 20 minutes to literally claw through a glass door to get a moth on the other side of the glass. Trying to teach a doorstop like that to fetch could drive you insane.
kneecaps8 years ago
good looking cat. its funny to see a cat fetch. seems more like a dog thing to me
My cat already knew how to play fetch. It just has to be something that he enjoys playing fetch with. A Hershey chocolate bar wrapper with a knot tied in the middle makes a great disposable cat toy to play fetch with. He also LOVES foam earplugs and any type of styrofoam packing peanut although I don't let him play with the latter. It just depends upon what your cat likes.
rimasa8 years ago
This video gives a good lesson in how to train a cat. Its by the same guy who made the famous 'cat wheel'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vja83KLQXZs
Your fetching cat is great.
This is awesome! This is a wonderful kitten, I'll send the link to my friends. Very nice instructable, very clear and useful. Thanks a lot...
gibandy (author)  thearchitect8 years ago
Let me know if they had any success, thearchitecht. Thanks.
Speidumb8 years ago
I'm kind of sad there were no pictures of you carrying the bag/ball in your mouth. That would have made this so much better...
gibandy (author)  Speidumb8 years ago
flat_cat638 years ago
You found a use for a cat. Nice one. Naw, I'm just kidding.
rimar20008 years ago
Excellent. I love cats, specially females.
xallie8 years ago
ha, VERY nice instruction. 5/5 points. (cute cat)
KatevG8 years ago
Hey Pete! That's not true! I tought ou cat to reach for the doorknob when she wants to get through a certain door. Well, maybe she only does it for me. >>this is easy, make it a habit to pet your cat's head. If they love you and like it, try holding your hand a bit above their head so they have to leap up a tiny bit. After a few days of doing this, over the next two days or so, raise your hand higher and higher (do this close to a door). they will hopefully support themselves by putting their two front paws on the door trim, door or wall. When your cat does this, start using kitty treats and holding them in your hand so that because you hand is too high up (on top of or next to the knob) they will out stretch their paw to try and grab it from you. Give them the treat when they touch your hand or the door knob. When your door is closed do this trick a few times and each time they reach up, open the door for them and put the treat on the other side. This worked for my cat and she does it all the time for me. It makes my life easier, it let's me know if she's just meowing or really wants to get through the door.
leahculver8 years ago
Thanks for posting such an interesting instructable. My cat also fetches, although I didn't really teach her how to do it. I would recommend getting some of those small squishy soccer balls from Petsmart. They only cost around $1 each and they're the perfect size for a cat's mouth.
PetervG8 years ago
My cats way to stubborn to learn anything, its quite bother sum, she just comes in, eats, goes out side, and repeat. I hope she will learn this.