Teach Your Dog to Jump Through a Hoop





Introduction: Teach Your Dog to Jump Through a Hoop

Want to teach your dog a cool trick that is easy to teach? This instructable will teach you how to teach your dog to jump through a hula hoop.
What you'll need:
1. dog
2. Hula hoop
3. Treats that your dog loves
That's it!
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Step 1: Find an Area

First off, find an area that your dog is used to, and comfortable in with enough space. You can't really teach this trick if your dog is on a leash, so a good place to teach this trick is in a fenced in backyard or in the house. Remove all distractions in the area, like balls, toys, cats etc. Bring in your dog, treats, and hula hoop, and let your dog sniff around a bit and get settled down. Hold the hoop so the bottom touches the ground in one hand, in the other hold a treat on the opposite side of the hoop as the dog. Try to lead your dog through the hoop with the treat, only give him the treat if he goes through the hoop. Your dog should only be walking through the hoop at this point, not jumping.

Step 2: Jumping!

After repeating step 1 several times, your dog might be ready to start jumping. Hold the hoop off the ground about 1-2", not that much, you dont want to overwhelm your dog. Try to lead your dog through the hoop again, only give him the treat if he goes through the hoop. If he goes around the hoop, make him try again. If your dog just won't do it, put the hoop back on the ground again and repeat step 1 several more times. If your dog jumps through the hoop, then keep repeating this step. After doing this several times, don't hold out a treat for your dog, keep it in your pocket. If your dog jumps through the hoop, take the treat out of your pocket and give it to him, if he doesn't go through the hoop then take out your treat again and lead him through the hoop with the treat several more times. Gradually get the hoop higher, but never higher than 2'. Also don't make your dog jump too much, he can develop bad leg problems. Now go out there and show off your cool new trick! Oh yeah, sorry I didn't get a pic of my dog in mid-air, it was too hard to get a good pic.



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    My dogs front legs go through then that back legs hit the hoop. Good job saying how to teach it though thanks.

    My dog just goes around the hoop any pointers

    Looks simple! I will try this and video with my 9 week old Shoodle (shih tzu poodle) puppy.

    Well this is a change . . . it's usually the dogs that make ME jump through hoops! :D Thanks for sharing!

    Just passing through to say "nice instructable" I'll start with 'Teddy' (rescue Shih-Tzu mix), he is very shy and we expose him to any sort of success.


    These are really good and worked on my mates dog but my dog is mental and couldnt do it. my dog is scared verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry easily ill keep tryin though

    Very helpful -- THANKS

    nice I'm going to try it with my dog I have a Bullterrier :D

    i like ur dog he looks familiar is his name beethoven haha tristan

    I am going to try this with my JRT who looks A LOT like yours (except he only has one brown ear and is bigger). Mine has the same scruffy broken coat too, and since we adopted him from a shelter 2 years ago when he was 4-5 years old I never got to see him as a puppy so thank you for posting pics of yours! SO ADORABLE! BTW, my pups name is Lucky and he is amazingly trainable since JRTs are so intelligent, so I do not anticipate any troubles with this trick. Thanks for posting!

    I HAVE A JACK RUSSELL TERRIER TOO !! Her name is Skippy Hee hee

    2 replies

    Cool, is she long haired or short haired? I have one of each, my aunt breeds them, so i get free puppys!

    She is a short haired English, yours looks like a long haired Irish, I really do not know which is which

    u do that on netend dogs and i want ur dog ... can u send him to me ...? plz .. lol no really plz

    3 replies

    Yea, he is a cute dog, but he barks a lot, like A LOT. It gets annoying.

    so since he is annoying u will send him to me?

    Well despite his annoyingness, he has grown on me, i used to not like him very much, but he has gotten better. So you're outta luck, lol, my aunt breeds jack russels though, maybe i can hook you up, lol.

    WOW this is alll i have to say

    I got it to work in 20 mins! =) GREAT instructable!

    so simple. too bad I'm a retard with no hand legs or face. LOL!