Step 4: Adjust Until You Like It.

You can click the "randomize" button at the bottom and keep playing with it until you get something you like. If there are words in the cloud that seem out of place, you can right-click on them and remove them (I removed the words "sad" and "want"). You can also use the buttons at the top to choose layouts, fonts, colors, and arrangements, as well as limit the number of words in the cloud. I like this feature, because some of the teachers in our school are obviously going to have more lengthy accolades than others. That's just how it goes. But if I limit the cloud to 20 words, for every teacher, no one will be able to tell which teachers are most popular, and everyone feels great about their clouds. I like this one:

 i used to cut letters out of magazines. glue it to paper to make a message. then mail it anonymously.. to my teacher.
I know what you are saying, yet it sounds so much like those ransom messages that you see in the movies !!
perhaps i was feeling a bit stalker-ish
&nbsp;And For Librarians you could combine this with a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Self-Pop-up-Cubic-Card/" rel="nofollow">pop up box!</a>
Wow, great idea. As a teacher, I would love receiving one of these. I am going to use this in my advisory class.
I just made one for my son's teacher and plan to make 4 more of them! Love this idea! Thanks!
This is a neat idea! Too bad I don't know many of my kid's friends' moms... Hmmm... *tries to think of other ways to do this*

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