Teaching Dog to Play Dead





Introduction: Teaching Dog to Play Dead

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It is good for your dog to learn new tricks. It will give them something to think about. This is a simple trick that can look really cool if it is done right.

You will need
A dog that knows basic commands

Step 1:

Have your dog lay down. Next get a treat keep it in your hand and move your hand from their head to the ground in an arch and say bang. Keep your hand there until they roll onto their side. Reward them with a treat. Dont give up, keep trying it might take a while.

Step 2:

After you master that you tell the dog to sit and do the same process as step 1.

Step 3:

Once you master that, have your dog start from a standup. This might take a lot of work. Soon you can just say bang and keep your hand still.

Any questions? Don't hesitate just ask. Do I need to add more?



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    This is my dog waggy