All right guys, let's talk hair.  You may not think braiding hair is manly, but women love it when you braid their hair.  You may have also been a little intimidated as well, especially if you've seen a girl braid hair. Their hands move so fast its crazy. I admit, I was really confused at first on how to keep all the parts separate and not turn the whole thing into a knot. Hopefully these instructions will help to explain some of the mysteries of braiding hair.

Step 1: Find a Woman With Hair to Braid

Prepare the "subject" for braiding by brushing and gathering the hair to be braided into one strand.

Step 2: Divide and Conquer

-Separate the hair into three strands of relatively equal size.  This can be done best with a comb.
-Typically, you will want to hold the outside strands with the pinky and ring fingers so that you can work with your index, middle fingers and thumb.
-Grab the middle strand with your right middle and index finger.

Step 3: Over Under, Under Over

-Grab the right side strand with your left index finger and pull it over the middle
-Let go of the right side strand with your right hand, and pull the middle strand out to the right, making it the new right strand.
-Get a better grip on the right strand with your right hand.
-Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the other side.

Step 4: Opposite Side

-Now you will use your right finger to grab hold of the left side strand, letting go of the left strand with your left hand at the same time.
-Get a better hold on the middle strand with your left hand and pull it to the left, so that it now becomes the left strand. 

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step 3 and 4 until you reach the end of the hair.
Remember, the outside strand goes over the middle strand
Tie off with a hair tie and you're good to go.  Congratulations, you've just braided a girl's hair.

Step 6: Tips and Hints

-Keep hair pulled tight.
-Watch your fingering, find what works for you.
-The instructions start with the right side, but you can start on whichever side you want.
-Use on your girlfriends/wives because they love it when you play with their hair.
is the cover picture real?
IDK...... Looks like a lot of hair ;-)

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