Introduction: Teach Your Guinea Pig to Run in a Circle

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Teach your guinea pig to run in a circle on command! Teaching your guinea pig tricks builds a special bond between you and your pig! This is my first instructable, so I hope you like it! :)

Step 1: Make Sure That You Are Trusted

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To do this trick, your guinea pig must trust and eat out of your hand. This can be frustrating. It helps to have a treat that your guinea pig enjoys and can eat somewhat quickly. Don't give your guinea pig too much of the treat, or it will get full. To start this trick, your guinea pig must follow your hand with the treat in it.(not in a circle, but in any direction.) When your guinea pig can follow your hand for great distances, you are ready for step 2.

Step 2: Starting the Circle

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Start doing circular patterns with the treat. Make sure you pick one direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) and stick with it. Make sure to reward your pig with small piece of the treat for every circle. After a while your guinea pig will expect a circle and will begin doing them more efficiently. As soon as this happens move on to step 3.

Step 3: The "key Words"

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Assign a key word or phrase to this trick. Every time you want your guinea pig to do a circle, say the exact same word or phrase. I always say "do a circle", which he guinea pig interprets as "dooasercal" and will not understand if I rephrase it any other way. Saying "please! - I'll give you a juicy carrot" will not help; remember guinea pigs don't speak English! Also, if you pick a key phrase that is too long or confusing, or if you say too much other stuff, your guinea pig might get confused and do circles for everything even when you don't want them to. You can assign any key word(s) that you want, such as "circle", "turn", or "do a circle". Just make sure to remember the key words, otherwise your guinea pig will get very confused if you try to teach them new key words. It helps if every now and then you give your guinea pig a treat without making it do a circle. A good time to do this is when they're in their cage - not in the middle of a lesson.

Step 4: The End of the Lesson

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This is the hardest part. It will probably take over 100 level 3 circles to get here. Eventually your guinea pig will expect a circle and be able to do them quickly.. When this happens you don't need to make your guinea pig follow your hand for a full circle, just put the treat either to the right or the left of their face (depending on the direction of the circle), say the magic words, and your guinea pig will begin to learn how to do circles without following the treat. Make sure to reward them for every circle. It is important that you never change the direction of the circle. When teaching your guinea pig to do a circle do not award a treat for a circle in the opposite direction you taught it (even though it is tempting at times) because this is rewarding them for not completing the trick correctly. After the circle is mastered, make sure to practice it often enough so that your guinea pig doesn't forget the trick.
Remember to be patient and have fun while teaching your guinea pig tricks! :)

*You can also teach this trick to your dog!


Adilin (author)2016-03-23

Hey, my Guinea pig it takes food out of my hand, but I hold on and we have a little tug-o-war. Does that count as it taking food out of my hand??

NathanS118 (author)2016-03-16


Em_Zapp (author)2015-09-06

It worked omg!

piggie_lover4586689 (author)2014-04-08

i got my guinea pigs pretty cheap.. i think i paid 15$ for my last 3 that i bought about a year ago! but im gonna try this trick on my piggie. i started working with her today i hope it goes well.

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-08-13

LOL Im going to have to try this on my guinea pig. Like now.

did the guinea pig circe trick work. lol

I have not not tryed yet.

lol hope it works

I just tryed. Shes getting better...

haha cool! :)

Yeah. Ive done 3 sessions today :-)

awesome! How far is she?

Well, whenever I say "doohasciercle" She expects to See the carrot beside her and turns toward it. No circles on her own yet :-( Btw her name is Pinea.

awwww pinea is dead cute. lol doohasciercle lol. how much are guinea pigs and do they smell and how much are like little guinea pig houses or cages what ever

Guinea pigs are about $40 and cages are about $70, but you can get them for less. And yes, they reek. and yes its a amall cage similar to a rabbit or hamster.

$40?! wow
here in aussie, i have bought two
an agouti-rex amanda
and a black and white one called clover (both, unfortunately dead)
i am buying a new one soon
amanda cost $15 (Christmas season)
and clover was $9

they don't stink too bad, but in saying that mine lived in a chicken run or two level cage outside :)

Yes, guinea pigs are around $40, but you can make cages twice the size of store bought ones, for around half the price. This site has instructions and more on how to make awesome cages-
I've kept my 2 pigs in the 2x4 cage for a long time, and they love it!

Yeah, homemade cages tend to be better. My freind made his new rabbit a bug condo with 2 floors, a sitting room, rec room and bedroom :-)


haha! that sounds like it would keep the rabbit very entertained. :)

Yep. Its a haerlequin.


aww. She's so cute! And at least she's caught on to the basics. :) If it helps at all, you could hold the carrot behind her, so when she turns a little, she'll see the carrot, then keep turning, then you can move the carrot to where her head would originally be, so she turns the full circle, if that makes sense. :)

cool! I hope it works well for your pig! good luck!

GuineasRUs717 (author)2012-02-19

I have a lazy guinea pig called Patches and he loves food but I'm finding it hard to teach him tricks hopefully he don't get to fat and he can't circle. LOL :)

By the way I'll try an upload some pictures of my guinea pig, he's called Patches for a reason.

macboy98 (author)2011-02-26

its looking like darwin in g-force

GameNox (author)macboy982011-06-08

my guinea pig is named darwin!!!!!

macboy98 (author)GameNox2012-01-07


mylittlepiggy20 (author)2011-10-11

ahh.! what a cute guinea pig.. soon im gonna have some.. i love there cute faces.

Zion_Sphere (author)2010-09-07

im gonna try this with my guinea pig Spock. Your piglet is adorable btw

chico loco (author)2010-04-11

hey guys i got my guinea pigs yestoday both males but they bearly trust eating out of my hand they will do it but the dont trust me any advice would be great there names a alfredo and chico ( short for chico loco!)
ill send some pictures in soon

Lowney (author)2009-09-12

Lol your voice got higher and higher throughout the video! (the praising I mean)

guineapiglover (author)Lowney2009-09-19

hahaha thats not me in the video...its just something i found online

Lowney (author)guineapiglover2009-09-19

Yeah yeah... ;)

VanillaXtiffy (author)2009-08-27

That's so cool. I'm going to teach my younger Guinea Pig, S'mores to do that. He loves playing with "mommy" and even mroe if it involves food.

its really cool to see them do tricks like this when they dont look capable of it :)

dudemanchan (author)2009-07-31

woo! i completely finished and he now does a cirlce when i tell him to (without him even seeing the treat) thanks alot man!

no prob!! isnt it entertaining to see such a small animal do that?? :)

guineapiglover (author)2009-07-01

you should know that males are more aggressive than females, and its said that they cant be cagemates. of course i have 2 males and they get along great. :) i recommend rescuing any available pigs from a shelter before going to a store. you should also get the 2 together before you buy them to check for compatibility. hope this helps :)

spudling9 (author)2009-03-15

im getting a guinea pig this month what type should I get? If anyone knows please coment back.

guineapiglover (author)spudling92009-03-16

are you wondering about gender or type?

spudling9 (author)guineapiglover2009-03-16

i'm getting a boy I want to know what type of guinea pig

guineapiglover (author)spudling92009-03-16

the type just depends on what u prefer if you get a long haired one, youll need to bath it more often if you get a hyper one, youll need to give it more attention it all just depends

spudling9 (author)guineapiglover2009-03-16

ok thanks for the tips

guineapiglover (author)spudling92009-03-17

no problem :)

rodentluvr (author)2008-12-06

i♥your guinea pig mine is too dumb to run in circles but i still♥my guinea pig

Haha, guinea pigs can seem dumb. I doubted that mine could learn it, but he did! If you want him to learn, make sure you follow the steps and bribe him with foods he likes. :)

yaaay . meemeeweewee

haha do you want this? yayyyyyyy!!

marvin07 (author)2008-07-27

First have to feed the guinea pig with healthy food and should not exploit them. If you do the above things then the guinea pig will be loyal to you and you can teach any tricks like teach them to run in a circle and lots more.


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