Picture of Hard Drive Candle Holder
When cleaning out my cupboard I had come across a number of old hard drives.  Since most had less storage space than my flash drive I decided to take them apart and make something with the platters.  I had first thought to make a wind chimes which I had seen on Make:Online. But when I took the hard drives apart and saw the pretty orange circuit ribbon I ended up making a tea light holder with the parts instead.
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Step 1: Material:

Picture of Material:
  • Several old hard drives (the number of platters and rings seem to vary between hard drives.)
  • Torx screwdrivers (I used T8, T9 and a T5, it varies between hard drives.)
  • Glue -I used Gorilla glue and a glue gun.
  • Clear packing tape.
  • Brown sharpie.
  • Scissors.

Step 2: Take apart the drives

Picture of Take apart the drives
Using the torx screwdriver, unscrew everything, pretty much. We will be using a couple of the platters, the rings (spacers?) and the orange circuit ribbon. To extract the orange ribbon, you may need to unscrew and/or peel it off of other parts, try to get as much of it as you can.

You will need eight rings and enough ribbon to cover them.

PS. There are a lot of other projects that you can do with the remaining parts.

What a fantastic project! I really like it!
ChrysN (author)  rocketsurgery4 years ago
niceribs4 years ago
I have just bought a 2 TB hdd so that I can make a bigger version that will hold several tea lights!
ChrysN (author)  niceribs4 years ago
Cool, feel free to post a picture here when you're done!
DIYDragon4 years ago
This is pretty cool.. Might be able to make a cool "sculpture" or wall art type deal out of those rings too. Hmm.. I'll have to look around and see if I have any crap HDDs laying around.. : D

This is great! saw it on The Clinic and have really taken a shining to it. Have now baught up loads of dead HDD and am planning on a tea light extravaganza!!
ChrysN (author)  anonymouse1974 years ago
laxap4 years ago
I absolutely love the finished product!

What a great idea to use circuit ribbon.

Cannot understand why it has not been featured!

And what about a version that can support a tea pot?
ChrysN (author)  laxap4 years ago
Making one to support a teapot is an excellent idea thank you, I think I have a few more old hardrives lying around!
Love it! if scratching is a problem, try a product that i think is called envirotech it's a resin. there are products like that at Michael's craft stores.
ChrysN (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Thanks, I'll try that.
cyrozap5 years ago
Wow. I's say it looks steampunk, but it isn't victorian-era technology! This is awesome! I may make this from a 5.25" 2.5 GB HDD, and take the stepper motor for my RepRap.
ben_k5 years ago
Very creative! The only problem, is that hard driveplatters scratch very easily, so the won't be shiny for long.