Some simple and fun team building exercises and games to get any group working together.

This comes from my experiences as and working with youth in a church setting. Nothing is more challenging then getting junior high and high school students to cooperate and treat each other with respect. With that in mind these are, mostly, some fun games that require teamwork and provide a challenge which can only be overcome through working together.

These steps are written for you, the leader, in the hopes to help you see your team, group, staff, or who ever it is working for you or learning from you working better together.

Step 1: Knots

Knots is a fairly simple game where everyone has to be comfortable with less personal space then normal. The object is to untie your knot.

To begin the game have your team break up into groups of 6-10 people each. It's nice to have the
same number in every group so that you can make it a competition, everyone likes to win a prize.

Once you have the team broken into groups have them stand, facing the same direction, with their right hand in the circle. They have to be close for this to work, very close; they need to be touching at the right shoulder.

Once the groups are packed in tight they need to grab someone else's right hand with their right hand. It must not be someone who is standing next to them and preferably not standing across from them either, that's up to you though.

Next have them stretch out their circle just enough so that they can get their left hand inside the circle and grab another person's hand. The same rules as before should apply with the addition that it must be someone new.

Now you get to watch them struggle. The object is for the group who is all tangled to attempt to untangle themselves. They should end up standing in a circle holding hands with the two people next to them. They may end up facing out of or into the circle depending on who's hand they grabbed, but that is just fine. This builds teamwork because if the group does not work together it is literally impossible. People will have to step over, under, and through other people's arms and bodies to get out of the knot. Sometimes they will end up having to pull the entire chain of people underneath one two people's arms.

If you want to mix up the game and make it even more challenging blind fold some of the people in the group. After you have seen a few knots get unraveled, standing outside the knot you can tell who will be doing the most moving in order to get the knot undone, and that is exactly who you want to blindfold.
<p>Very nice activity!</p>
Other nice activities: <br>1: crocodile river, each team gets 3 beer-crates or similar, 3 wooden poles length depending on amount of team-players(X*0.5+1meter), with these they need to cross a certain distance without touching the sand or grass underderneath <br>2: flying carpet rotation: place a group of 6-8 on a bed-sheet or blanket, have them rotate upside down without falling of, trick is to have a hourglass shape. <br>3: vertical twister: place twister on a hard wall(not drywall) bottom at 25cm from the ground, now play, 1 team member has to contact the colors with feet or hands, the other 3-4 have to support the player. maybe easier and stronger to tape colored paper to the wall, have the pattern random but the same for both teams.
great job sharing these games. I am also a youth counselor, at a Boys and Girls Club and I have done all of these games before. I am glad someone has shared them.
It would be great if you could post pictures of the knots and bench games, it's hard to picture. Thanks.

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