Picture of Team Fortress 2 Scout Costume!
How to make a costume and be the Scout in real life!

This is my entry for the DIY haloween constest in the category "Costume"

I know this has been done before, but, without any offense, the instructable uploaded here is kind of weak and detailless

This Covers:
*The Bag
*Headphone with mic
*Bat (actuallly you dont need a fake one, but i live in argentina and there's not a lot of cheap baseball gear here, so im going to make one!)
*Hand bandages

Step 1: Introduction continued: the idea and the sources

Picture of Introduction continued: the idea and the sources
Before you can cosplay somebody or something, you will need something to start with. I took these pictures of the Scout from http://www.teamfortress2.de/tf2_class_scout.php and as there are 3 views its a good thing to start with. There were also pics of the bat that will be in the correspondient step.
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Nice! My mom keeps a baseball bat in the back of the front door...I'll have to sneak it!
shutupman572 years ago
I know where you can get a BOSS scattergun for like 35 bucks. Its freakin awesome! The dude also makes other epic tf2 cosplay items such as sniper rifles, flamethrowers and the black box! heres the link to the scattergun on ebay:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Scout-Scattergun-from-Team-Fortress-2-cosplay-/261110513081?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ccb663db9
Hope i helped ^_^!
scout1172 years ago
im being scout this year in 2012
scout1172 years ago
that scouts a spy
hellosir5233 years ago
One quick tip, if you have the budget, Adidas Sambas make great shoes to be a Scout.
irxo6 years ago
damn straight. remember. "birds. fly. trees grow. and brother, you hurt people"
santy22 (author)  irxo6 years ago
Moar liek "Birds Fly, Grass Grows, Sun Shines. And brother, I hurt people!." i repeated that phrase every time someone asked what the hell i was dressed as.
Apparently, I actually have the offical Force A Nature shirt AND a Scout track jacket. I always say that when I'm Scout. c:
Ryutso santy224 years ago
"If you were from, where I was from, you be f**kin dead."
He's Like a force of Nature!
ahacker23 years ago
MrSalvador3 years ago
Really good instructable, but I think you have been better off using a real bat. I also think it's funny how lame everyone else's costume is.
skarum3 years ago
if anyone is interested in making cheap tf2 props, I'm going to be putting on some instructables soon.
The scout is from Boston, Massachusetts. Not Brooklyn New York. You have a typo. Just  correcting you.
He actually is from Brooklyn, one of the achievements for the Scout is "Dodgers 1, Giants 0" now i suppose that could also mean he's from L.A. but he has a Brooklyn accent.
infact http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Scout all you need to know
no hes from boston he has several references to the redsox as well the reason they reference the dodgers and giants is not for where he lives but the size of heavy weapons guy vs. scout its been mentioned many times the scout does live in boston
Why not just use a real bat?
At most conventions real bats can be illigal.
I see.
kalmoneda3 years ago
hey pal! I know how to these all, I bet ill make on my own! 1st. That clothing part, about put the shirt inside the pants, but the picture it seems that you didnt put it inside! the belt is over there D: . 2nd. Dont put inside your socks the pants tip cause its more likely fatted feet! D: and 3rd The Headset must single not double! i know you find everywhere of that but its ok! 4th! you need to use a shoes called Nike! color black and it has the same shoes :)! Its good! 5th. I want to buy a real batmagnet not the crumpy make, but your creative! 6th. Yah belt! the symbol, it needs to be shae rectangle! 7th. You dont have bandages on the pic! 8th. The Hat must no picture on it and it must be flat on the top of it! 9th. The bag! i just found real one but i forgot where it is! or what brand! Thats all! I think i get yah right k!?

Scout is from Boston, Not Brooklyn.
ampeyro4 years ago
it inspired me, maybe next year i go as demopan
At first, I thought that was a 3D model of Vince!
Ryutso4 years ago
The shoes the scout's wearing in the render look like this specific make of Nike sports cleats for some reason. Oh well. Black sneaks with white electrical tape, GO!

Other than that, all I need is the bag the headset and possibly the dog tags.
anarbiter94 years ago
Make a spy costume
download masks
1+ cookie metal
HoopDoop5 years ago
Hey do you have any bags you could link me to that look like the Scout's?
tomigm5 years ago
postealo en Taringa! y seguro llegas al top post!
I know how to make a bat you can hit people with. PM me if you want to know, but I may make in 'ible about it. I did make a few for something I do on Sundays...
scott!5 years ago
 Can't you just use a bat?
santy22 (author)  scott!5 years ago
 If i made a bat, that would mean "NO"
The reason i made it was i'm not a fancy baseball-freak yankee who has 10 bats in his room. I'm from argentina, and we play soccer and polo around here.
I dont play any sport and even i have a baseball bat around my house.
Well its more a standard bat.
spreek5 years ago

im doing a scout cosplay and i made sandman

red-king6 years ago
I'm trying to figure out what to dress as next halloween. i usually take a long time to make up my mind/ make a costume... so i start around this time. i'm thinking of going as a TF2 character... either the pyro, or the heavy... My favorite class is the pyro, but i dunno where to get a bloody gas mask(could make one i guess...).
scott! red-king5 years ago
red-king scott!5 years ago
 thanks for the links!
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