Step 5: Scouty Actitude + Action pics

Picture of Scouty Actitude + Action pics
You cant have a costume without actitude, you cant go speaking normallly with a Yip-Yip costume! you need to get into the character!
About the scout:
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height: 1,76 m
Weight: 55,6 kg
Job: Rapid Recovery
Motto: 'Too Much Caffeine'
Fuel: Hot Dogs/Red Bull

So, basically try this:
-Twitch and be hiperactive
-Bring Hot dogs to the party
-Use a boston accent (listen to the scout video)
-Say things and do things like
--Measure your pulse while saying "im not even winded!"
--If someone asks you who the hell are you cosplaying, say "do you have any idea, any idea of who i am?" "basically? kinda' a big deal!"
--Touch a heavy cosplayer in the head with the bat and say "yo, whats up"

Also, for a closure, some pictures of the 2 parties i went to as the scout
MrSalvador3 years ago
Really good instructable, but I think you have been better off using a real bat. I also think it's funny how lame everyone else's costume is.
skarum3 years ago
if anyone is interested in making cheap tf2 props, I'm going to be putting on some instructables soon.
Scout is from Boston, Not Brooklyn.
irxo6 years ago
damn straight. remember. "birds. fly. trees grow. and brother, you hurt people"
He's Like a force of Nature!
ampeyro4 years ago
it inspired me, maybe next year i go as demopan
The scout is from Boston, Massachusetts. Not Brooklyn New York. You have a typo. Just  correcting you.