To design and make a wind powered generator in the most efficient manner. The energy generated by the device will be determined by measuring the highest power output available from the generator as measured by the product of the generator's voltage and current.

Step 1: Transmission - Step 1 - Materials

Materials and components

2 4mm steel rod
4 6mm threaded steel rod
54 6M nuts
3mm clear sheet acrylic (perspex)
Bought in gears 60,10,50,40 teeth
1 Electric Motor


40W Laser cutting machine
Hack saw
Allen Key (came with gears)
And yet more energy will be lost with those turbine blades being as rough as they are.
The gears steal energy from the system. direct drive low speed permanent magnet motor would be a better choice.
I'm sure you're right, but this was part of a university project and we were given those motors specifically to use.
This is really cool! I'm loving the gears :)
looks cool how many volts does it produce
Cheers, in testing the highest output voltage was 27V, but what matters is the power, and the highest power output was 4W, its not much, but its something!
lol yea

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