Step 15: Final Assembly

The blades screw tightly on to the hub, and the hub squeezed neatly on to the driveshaft of the transmission.

The threaded rods of the transmission then slid onto the spine.

Secured the transmission with double nuts on each rod and wired up the motor and the wind generator is ready to go!

And yet more energy will be lost with those turbine blades being as rough as they are.
The gears steal energy from the system. direct drive low speed permanent magnet motor would be a better choice.
I'm sure you're right, but this was part of a university project and we were given those motors specifically to use.
This is really cool! I'm loving the gears :)
looks cool how many volts does it produce
Cheers, in testing the highest output voltage was 27V, but what matters is the power, and the highest power output was 4W, its not much, but its something!
lol yea

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