Team IPenguins IPad Case


Introduction: Team IPenguins IPad Case

Have an iPad?  Need a case?  Follow these steps to create your very own iPad case out of wood. Once finished, your iPad will be able to slide inside the case with ease.  The case itself can be modified however you wish.  For this project, our team used handles on three of the sides to create a place to grip while you use your iPad.

Materials :
Computer with Autodesk Inventor and Corel Draw 10 programs
Laser printer
2' x 1' sheet of wood 1/8" thick
Sandpaper (30 grain, 600 grain)
Wood finish

1. Get the image attached (the one with the dimensions)
2. Create Inventor files for each individual part
3. Place each part on one sheet file and save it as a DXF file
4. Open file in a Corel Draw 10 and place on a sheet 24" x 12"
5. Put wood sheet in laser printer and print the file (Color: Black, Speed: 2%, Intensity: 100%)
6. Glue pieces together to make it look like the final picture
7. When glue is dried, sand entire product with 30 grain sandpaper
8. Spray front of holder with wood finish and wait until dry
9. Sand entire product with 600 grain sandpaper

Hint: Add a layer of foam to the inside of the case to keep the iPad from sliding

Designed, Lasered, and Modified by: Mike Hanna, Derek Ellstrom, and Nishidh Patidar



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    Do you have a picture you can add that will show the case in use?

    Do you have a picture you can add that will show the case in use?