Picture of Tear-em-off Business Cards
I like having this on my desk because people see it and go "what is that?" and then play around with it for a while flipping through it - oh who am I kidding... I love flipping through it too!

This makes a great addition to your desk "stuffs". It's also a great paper weight, and super easy to make. So flip through and see how it's done!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You want to grab roughly 50 cards at a time - if you go high like up to 100 it gets flimsy, and if you go less like around 25 it's not as impressive. You're going to want pencils or pens - something that has a flat face on it works better than a round cylinder because it won't dent the cards as much when you clamp them. You'll also want some elastics (I used two really big ones). And of course you'll want some sort of glue - white glue or wood working glue works best.

Step 2: Stack the cards

Picture of Stack the cards
The first thing you want to do is make sure you've got all the business cards facing the same way, and as neatly stacked as you can get them. Hold tight till the next step!

Step 3: Strap-it-down Capt'in!

Picture of Strap-it-down Capt'in!
Grab two pencils and make sure your little bundle doesn't adjust itself in your grip while you strap those little guys together. I took the elastic and twisted it between each side which worked pretty well. Grab another set of pencils and do the bottom half as well. Now set it up on the table, ready for the glue.

Step 4: Add glue - and wait

Picture of Add glue - and wait
This is pretty fun because you get to use so much glue! Basically, you just squeeze the dickens out of the glue bottle till the whole face is covered in glue. You just want to make sure you don't spill on any sides or it will look messy when it's done. So once you've got the glue on there, just spread it around a little bit so that it reaches to the edges, and let it sit.

And when I say let it sit - I actually mean let it sit over night. So make sure it's safe in some place where it's not gonna get bumped.

Step 5: Remove clamps - Done!

Picture of Remove clamps - Done!
Once you've waited at least 12 hours (depending on how much glue you put on) the little business card booklet is ready to show off!

Have fun with it! (you could even make a little cartoon stick man drawing on the back of your business cards if you want just to make it more interesting!)
eleven997 months ago

How awesome! I will be doing this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Verticees2 years ago
Wonderful job! This will be very useful for me!
compro013 years ago
Rubber cement would work better than white glue for this,
Printy (author)  compro013 years ago
Quite possible. :) White glue sure works fine, but it's possible there are other things that would work better.
Love the project! Tried it with a small stack of my old business cards but changed it a bit. On the bottom card I super glued a magnet so it could attach to the bottom of my portable whiteboard (great for having them handy during an off-site presentation). Can't wait to see what my next customer thinks, thanks again for the idea.
Printy (author)  wolfsingleton3 years ago
Hey that's awesome! Great idea too! :)
I have used this technique on a stack of 100 new One Dollar Bills (or you can use the currency of your country) that I got in mint condition from my bank (no extra charge for this). They make memorable gifts for special occasions and are much more fun than just giving 5 twenty dollar bills or even one $100 bill. Plus it is fun to watch people's reaction when you "peel off" those bills as you spend them.....
Try it with $2 bills. Not only do you get the same effect, but most people have never seen them.
Woz did that, the Secret Service interviewed him for it.
dfc849 linuxkid3 years ago
Woz also got away with fake ID's, but chose to cease the use of them at airports following 9/11. Gotta love the guy!
Printy (author)  ckoehler19043 years ago
I agree! That would be so cool! I'd love to do that some time, although we don't have one-dollar bills in Canada that I know of. Great idea!
you could always glue together a stack of loonies .. lol
Printy (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
haha! If only that were possible... :D
Dy7lan3 years ago
Quite inventive. You have sparked my imagination. Thank you so much.
Printy (author)  Dy7lan3 years ago
Great! That's always the best type of project - one that gets you thinking. :) So that's a great compliment!
Ooooh how clever! I have a stack of old business cards that I don't give out to people any more, I shall give it a go on those first.
Just regular glue, really? That's awesome!
Printy (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Yeah! Thanks! It works perfectly. :)
I love how you did this!! For the matter of fact, the guy from the dutch band "Doe Maar" Used pencils with elastic to make capo's for their guitars :D
Printy (author)  MoustacheCat3 years ago
Nice! I didn't know that! I may have to try that on my own... Losing capos happens frequently over here :)
This is so fancy! I think I might try this with some of mine. I get sick of them escaping my wallet and ending up all over my purse. :P
Printy (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks! I think it's way more fun anyway than the same-old-same-old. :D