Gday I hope some people find this interesting

Built with Ply sheet ,Meranti wood and pine A old child bicycle trailer.

Power tools i use was a drill jig saw and sander.

Step 1:

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I bent the ply dry and use nails wood glue and screws .

I love the idea of a tear drop. I'm considering making one for my bike, but have it expandable on one end to bring it out to 6 ft 3 in when parked. In all likely hood I will use similar thicknesses of wood unless I can find a lighter material. I'm probably not going to go with the side pull however. I've never liked it because I tend to wack the heel of my foot. I've already designed a goose neck for attaching it to the back of the rack. Nice job on this build.
Really like the build! how did you get the wood to bend into the desired shape? thanks
kindbill (author)  OogieMustBoogie1 year ago
it simple you use a strap with a ratchet glue and tighten up the strap then nail

Oh, I didnt know it was that easy. thanks!

wbannister1 year ago
wasn't 3mm abit thin? how did u make the shape u used? sorry for all the questions, just really need to make one
kindbill (author)  wbannister1 year ago
3mm is easy to bend
kindbill (author)  wbannister1 year ago
each side wall is screw to the floor and the side walls hold the shape the floor is 9mm ply.
the outer skin is glued and screwed to the floor and I use straps to hold the shape and wood nails and water proof wood glue
seamster1 year ago

Very cool! I like it a lot.

What do you tow around in it ... kids, pets, groceries?

kindbill (author)  seamster1 year ago

just groceries and shopping would never put a pet or child in it.

Summer here get up to 45c 113 Fahrenheit

4 new pictures at the beginning

I kind of figured, but was curious! It looks great, you did a very nice job on it. Glad you shared it!
wbannister1 year ago
got any pics of underneath with 4 wheels
kindbill (author)  wbannister1 year ago
that just 4 wheel garden cart I use for painting
thanks, what size plywood did u use?
kindbill (author)  wbannister1 year ago
3mm plywood sheet
kindbill (author)  kindbill1 year ago
I will try to ad a couple of pictures of the frame