Step 41: Hatch Part 5 - attach hatch side of hinge

Picture of Hatch Part 5 - attach hatch side of hinge
Now we can attach the hatch side of the hurricane hinge. 

I clamped the hatch in place, then clamped the hinge to the hatch.  I drilled pilot holes with the hinge tool.  Again this tool is makes it super easy.  Then removed the hinge and finished the pilot holes with a regular drill bit. 

Once these are complete, you'll be able to slide on the hatch and check it out!!  I used a 2x4 to prop up the hatch initially.  Be careful as wind can catch your hatch!!

I drilled pilot holes ( again using the hinge drill bit tool) and squirted some silicone caulk in each hole before final assembly.  Again this is probably not the final attachment, just do a dry fit and be prepared to pull it back off for further work.