Step 5: Stick this to that

Once the subfloor frame is complete and the ply floor is complete, you can glue and screw the thing together.  I used construction adhesive and decking screws here.  I countersunk everything.  I used a chalk line to plot out where I needed to place my screws. 

After I was all glued and screwed, I used bondo to fill in over the screwheads.  Then sanded it all smoove.  Once smoove I primed it a couple of times and then painted it green with floor/porch paint.

rowerwet3 years ago
I avoided using any fasteners as much as possible on my TD, the box is bolted on with 8 stainless bolts every other joint is only glued with PLPremium construction adhesive, as I build small plywood boats with it and it is water tight and if the joints are made correctly (chine log) it doesn't fail. the only screws I have in my whole build are to hold the walls to the deck and they are special coated deck screws, as the heads face down they will rarely see water.