Step 6: More about the floor: tar

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I like what you did. I have one suggestion for those trying to do it themselves. Cut another piece of 3/8 plywood to fit over the studs that will be the bottom. Fill the cavities with insulation foam or rigid foam. Then paint the bottom with tar or have it sprayed with the rhino lining after its attached to the frame. I'm taking mine off-road with my Xterra So I need a real tough bottom course. Next will be replacing the wheels with tires that match my car. 16 inch!

fastfloyd4 years ago
I am just really puzzled about the hole in the floor. What is it for?
fzxdf54 years ago
Two questions...

What type if ply wood did you use?

What type of tar? I've been using driveway sealer lately for the bottom and exterier walls of my deer blinds, it is easier to apply and does a great job at preserving the wood...and you can get colored sealer too.