Step 7: More about the floor: insulation

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Once the tar has congealed after a day or two, then its time to insulate. Why insulate? Depending on your climate, you can have serious condensation issues on the inside of your trailer. It's also more comfortable. Check out that forum for further discussion.

I used 3/4 solid pink foam insulation. I cut to fit. there is a plastic membrane that peels off, I made sure to remove that membrane.  I made the pieces as snug as possible. Then used construction adhesive, screws and fender washers to attach. 

The tar was still slightly tacky, and my pieces were pretty snug fits.  I kind of wedged them in there and they stuck to the tar. 
Tangski1 year ago
Try dry lock or other latex water inhibitor used in basements or outer sealing, works and smells better than tar. Tar can also melt in hotter weather, and soften up, thus leak smells...not so fun.
Another idea, do not cut off your extra bottom sheeting..use that as a bit of a 'lip' on each side of the base for the sides of the walls. That lends to greater stability and then not all the weight of the walls are on the bolts. So, move in your 2x2's so there is 1/2 inch or 3'/4 inch for your walls for a more 'solid' base. Also helps when driving on gravel roads to have more stability on that part of the constuction. I found that tip from anther builder who changed to that modification on his second go around.
Since it only makes the inside a tiny bit slimmer, no worries. Or of course, you can add an extra 2x4 all around the edge of the trailer, so that you keep your floor size but still have a lip to rest the weight of the walls on etc.:) I may do that for mine:)
That extra on the bottom can also include clips for outside attachments such as a water filter, propane or water jugs on the outside, leaving more room on the inside. See the idea on the Bug Out Trailer being made out there. Great external top rack as well.:)
Your insulation is great, and also allows for more temp. extremes for camping enjoyment! Smart idea especially if living up in Canada:)