Alright! I have finally gotten around to doing this! So, here goes. 

Step 1: Things You'll need.

Picture of Things You'll need.
You will need: 

1 pair of goggles 
1 Gatorade Cap 
2 Pennies 
4 small Nuts 
2 large wingnuts 
2 smaller wingnuts 
1 8'' piece of wire, I just cut up bits of clothes hanger... 
Some leather
Some Cereal, in case you get hungry
ROUND sunglass lenses
2 1 pint mason jar lids, just the ring part, you don't need the sealing component. 
And some spray paint! 

Tools include: 
Utility knife
Hot Glue/Epoxy, whatever floats your canoe. 

deancp13 years ago
You've taken some heat about the instructable itself - but many congrats on the project results. I can understand both.
I for one was thoroughly entertained by your hand-drawn instructible!!

Burnsides (author)  deancp13 years ago
Thank you very much! C:
Hfly13 years ago
Your instructions are very helpful and entertaining. I love your hand-drawn illustrations! Very easy to follow! These goggles look so good I thought there would be a lot more technical difficulty in the making. Your instructions reminded me that everything doesn't need to be difficult or technical. Thank you!
Burnsides (author)  Hfly13 years ago
Thank you! :D Your brightened my day!
triumphman4 years ago
Your drawings are great, but one picture says a thousand words!
Burnsides (author)  triumphman4 years ago
I apologize, it is not my forte to write. I have attempted to show you how to make them. My apologies if it was not enough. There are tons of instructables that are done very very well, I suggest looking into them, I'm no good at explaining.
lemonie4 years ago

Do you not have any photographs of these?

Burnsides (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Yes, one moment.


I just posted pictures on that a long while back, just to show the community, and people demanded an instructable.  

Ah right. You should use at least one of those in place of Goggles0001.jpg.

Burnsides (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Thanks for the tip! I'll try to get that right up.